How to Install New Fonts on Your PC in Three Quick Steps

If you haven’t yet delved into the wonderful world of fonts, now is a great time! All computers these days come pre-loaded with several dozen typefaces, but sometimes that pre-packaged collection just isn’t enough. After all, just how much longer can you get away with using Papyrus as your go-to font for flyers?

(Actually, for the sanity of all visually-conscious people, PLEASE don’t use Papyrus any more! Or Comic Sans, for that matter.)

If you need to create a flyer or a Christmas card or anything else and you just can’t find the font you’re looking for on your computer, try installing a new one. Don’t worry; if you have never installed a font on your computer before, it’s easy. Really easy. And, the best part is, it’s free! In three quick steps, you’ll have a brand new font to play around with.


Step 1: Find and Download a New Font
Free fonts are available on many websites, but here are three websites that are free, safe, and easy to use:

1001 Fonts:
Da Font:
Font Squirrel:

-Go to one of these websites, and sift through your many options.

-Once you find the perfect font, click “download.” I chose the font “Rhyder Regular.”

-You will probably get an “Add Download” window pop up. Just click “OK.” If you get a couple more window pop-ups, just continue clicking “Yes” and “OK.”
-The font will download to your computer.


Step 2: Open Up the Font File

-Click “Launch” to open up the .zip file just downloaded to your computer. The .zip folder will open and you’ll see at least two files. If there are more than two files, that means your font has several versions of it (like italics, boldface, narrow, etc.) You can choose if you want to install all the versions, just one version, or a few. For the “Rhyder Regular” font, there is only one version:



-Your new font will be either a .ttf file type or an .otf file. The former stands for “TrueType font” and the other stands for “OpenType font.” For our purposes, it doesn’t really matter. Just double-click on either the .ttf or the .otf file. Don’t open the .txt file. When you double click on the file, you should get a screen that shows you how your new font will look:




Step 3: Install and Use the Font

-Click on the “Install” button.



-The font should install within seconds. To see if it worked, open up any desktop publishing program (like Microsoft Word or Photoshop) and see if the font shows up. Type in the font where you usually type in the font and see if it works.



And that’s it! You have new font on your computer that will work in any program that uses different fonts.

In case you are wondering where these font files are stored (maybe, perhaps, in case you want to delete them from your computer), go to your computer’s control panel and type in “Fonts.” You’ll see the folder on your computer where all fonts are stored and you’ll get all the options you need to preview and delete fonts: