5 Really Funny (and Somewhat Helpful) Videos about Misused Grammar

1. Conan O’Brien: Correcting Jennifer Garner’s Verb Conjugation
Jennifer Garner attacked him first, insulting his poor grammar despite his lofty education. Conan got her back by proving her wrong. Who is right?


2. Weird Al Yankovic: “Sticking It” to Grocers everywhere
Is there a single grocery store out there who as ever gotten this right?


3. John Green from Mental Floss: 38 Common Spelling and Grammar Errors
All the most common errors of our time. Wrapped up beautifully in rapid fashion.


4. Robot Chicken: Schoolhouse Rock Re-imagined 
A modern take on the old Schoolhouse Rock classic. Warning: cartoon violence and bleeped-out cursing are used to make a point.


5. CoolRules.com: The Apostrophe Song
All the rules you’ll ever need to know, summed up in a delightful melody.