GIFs and Sports: 8 Reasons the Two Work Well Together

When the internet was first booming, a popular file format, the GIF (.gif, pronounced either “Jiff” or with a hard ‘g’) exploded. As a low-resolution file, it only uses 256 colors, so the images load incredibly fast on the internet. And, the best part? They can be animated and the animation will loop continuously.

For a while, we mostly saw GIFs being used as little emoticons. But, quickly, web developers discovered there is an odd, intrinsically humorous value in using them to watch a funny moment be replayed over and over and over. With the small file size and the funny loop quality, GIFs became perfect for capturing unexpected sports moments.

Here’s a look at some sport moments that have been immortalized in GIFs. Eight reasons why we love watching sports GIFs:

Because watching a pro do it makes us all feel better.
Because being rejected and acting cool about it is an important life skill.
Because we love the unexpected.
Because we love to watch pure human athleticism.
Because it’s funny when a grown adult can’t figure out where the brake pedal suddenly went.
Because we all need reminders once in a while about why paying attention is important.
Because the look on this guy’s face is priceless.
Because we need to be reminded that bad sportsmanship sometimes deserves a crotch shot and a blow to the face.