Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” Nails Writing Pet Peeves on the Head

Weird Al Word CrimesTo grammar enthusiasts, Weird Al’s new parody, “Word Crimes” (which plays on Robin Thike’s “Blurred Lines”) nails just about every writing pet peeve on the head.

Those who don’t like grammar, however, may feel insulted. Or, just thoroughly confused. After all, if you’re not sure what an Oxford comma is or what “conjugation” means, the jokes may just slip past you. But note that the English nerds out there will be snickering (and complaining in persnickety haughtiness) at your ignorance. Thankfully, if you pay close attention to the video, there’s quite a fantastic grammar lesson built into it. We may all just learn a thing or two from Weird Al.

The video is certainly worth watching. Probably worth sharing, too.