Ranking Religious Websites: Which Church Communicates Its Message Best?

In an age of digital evangelism, churches have a special and important opportunity to communicate their message to the world through their webpages. As might be expected, some religions do better than others at communicating their message. As you’ll see in the slider below, some church homepages focus on leadership, some on upcoming conventions, some on service, and some on collecting donations. Whatever the focus, the church is making a conscious (or unconscious) decision about communicating what matters most to its followers and leaders. Are they making the right communicative decisions?

In a brief survey of some of the most prominent religions in America, I glanced at the homepages to evaluate visual and textual content. You’ll see the screenshot of each homepage accompanied with a Wordle, which enlarges the words that are most prominent on each church’s homepage. Between text and image, a message is being communicated about each church’s priorities.

My question to you? Bias aside (if at all possible), which churches do you think do the best job communicating their message on their homepage? You can vote for up to three.

  • Baptist Website: http://www.sbc.net/
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One thought on “Ranking Religious Websites: Which Church Communicates Its Message Best?

  • January 6, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Interestingly enough, only the Jehovah’s Witness “wordle” features the word’s Jehovah and Bible. NONE of the other sites easily identify as being about God, or Jesus, or anyone but themselves. A pity, as Christians or members of another faith, we should be about the business of God, not promoting ourselves. Just to look at any of the web pages, they could be any current events site on the web.

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