One thought on “How Visually Literate Are You? A 15-Question Quiz to Test Your Skills

  • August 30, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    The visual quiz is a great choice for a blog. It promotes participation and provides a basis for cultural discussions. However, having a quiz such as the Human Bias, presents a critical flaw in visual communication. Asking your “visual readers” to make a decision on which represents particular characteristics or emotions assumes that visual culture stems from the same ethnic-culture. A grumpy face in the U.S. will mean something entirely different in Arab cultures. While eye-tracking systems may provide scientific results, ethnic-influences are, not uncommonly, disregarded. The question may not be limited (and is very admirable), the answer is because it does not allow for cultural interpretation despite supporting your “correct” answers with “expert” results. Ironically, the quiz is a great rhetorical practice for participatory culture.

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