What a Bad Résumé Says When It Speaks

Résumés communicate a lot about us. When we turn in a résumé, employers assume a whole lot about who we are beyond just our job experiences. By the way we design, edit, organize, and include information, employers suddenly assume things, like how old we are, how hard we work, what’s important to us, who we interact with, how creative we are, and so forth. Don’t put yourself in a bad position by including something that sends the wrong message. The infographic below gives a quick example of what a bad résumé might say “between the lines” to an employer. It also gives a top ten list of what NOT to do. Click on the image to see the full 11×17 poster.

If you’re looking for an example of how to design a good résumé, see my post The Anatomy of a Really Good Résumé.



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