Does Your Favorite Color Define Your Personality?

College Match Up recently published an infographic that shows the relationship between color preferences and personality. While the validity of the infographic is certainly up for debate, the fact that colors express certain characteristics is a well-known fact. Are what colors you’re drawn to indicators of your personality? Is it true that if you are in love with gray, that you are cool, collected, and reliable? Probably a stretch, but it’s fun to speculate.

I have a personal preference for yellow. Not really sure why, but is that my “color personality“? You can see that the logo for this website is yellow, my first car was yellow (VW bug), and when I was in high school, yellow was my preferred shirt color (yellow seems less professor-ly, I suppose, so I don’t sport it as much on the job). According to this graphic, as a lover of yellow, I apparently love learning and sharing knowledge with others. Well, I can’t argue with that.

Favorite Color