The Periodic Table of Punctuation

Welcome to the world’s first (as far as we can tell) Periodic Table of Punctuation!

There are fourteen commonly used punctuation marks in the English language. Some would argue that other marks, like the forward slash and asterisk, may be considered part of the punctuation collection, but for most intents and purposes, there are fourteen marks–fourteen visual identifiers we use in writing to create clarity, emphasis, and style.

Sometimes knowing all the rules of punctuation can seem overwhelming, but if you chart them out they can feel more manageable to conquer. I’ve created other punctuation charts in the past, including The 15 Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty, Bacon Punctuation, and The 69 Rules of Punctuation, so pick which one helps you sort through the many uses of punctuation the best.

For detailed examples and descriptions of how to use each punctuation mark, visit the punctuation homepage.

Here’s the Periodic Table version (click on image to enlarge):