The OPTIC Strategy for Visual Analysis

Have you ever taken AP Language and Composition? If so, you have likely heard of the OPTIC Strategy for visual analysis. If you haven’t taken it, or would like a refresher, then we’ll help you out.

The OPTIC Strategy is a 5-step method used to analyze visuals. The strategy can be used to analyze any visual work.

Using the OPTIC Strategy can help you to prepare for the AP exam, but it can also provide you with a framework of analysis to be used in a wide variety of situations: tell your boss if the new billboard will get the right message across, analyze a website for a little extra money on the side, or impress a date with an intellectual analysis of a painting at the museum.

Now that you know when to use it, it’s time to get to how. The five steps are (1) overview, (2) parts, (3) title, (4) interrelationships, and (5) conclusion. Now for a more useful study guide, check out the infographic below.


Alisa Scott

I’m Alisa Scott, a digital content developer intern for The Visual Communication Guy. I am a communication major with a minor in English. I enjoy visual communication, design, writing, social media, advertising and public relations. Although I'm still undecided on what I want to be when I grow up, I am currently aspiring to work in public relations.