12 Best WordPress Plugins for Image Posting

WordPress works right out of the box when you’re just starting out. However, one of the biggest attractions to WordPress is the added functionality that plugins add. But this creates a conundrum; there is an almost endless number of plugins that do the same thing.

Choosing the right image posting plugin for you is actually quite easy, though it can sometimes involve a little trial and error. This is especially true when using deciding between a paid and free version. However, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding.


Ratings & Number of Installs

When you look at the WordPress plugin directory, you can see how many active installs are using a particular plugin, and how those users are rating the plugin. This will give you a small insight as to how well the plugin works.


Things to consider would be animated images, lightboxes, navigation, albums, or even pagination. Have an idea of what you would like and compare it against what the plugin offers.


This is an all too important aspect. It impacts how your users will interact with your site, and how your website will be ranked in search engines. If a plugin slows down your site, then it does you more harm than good.

Ease of Use

This aspect can only be found out after you have downloaded and installed the plugin.


So feel free to poke around in each of the following plugins.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is an excellent image and gallery plugin that also offers video support. They boast features like deep linking, pagination, and even a drag and drop builder. With integrations that help your images be seen properly across all devices, this plugin is quite top notch. Plans start at $29 a year, or $299 for a lifetime.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a free gallery that holds a 3.5 star rating and constant updating, and over 1 million active installs. Boasting to be good enough for general use yet powerful enough for even the most demanding photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals. It boasts a 3.5 star rating and over 1 million active downloads.

WP Canvas – Gallery

WP Canvas – Gallery extends the default use of your WordPress site. While no extra menu items are added to the right side of the dashboard, instead you will see more options on the left side of the dashboard when adding images to your post. This is a free plugin with a 3.5 star rating and 30+ thousand active downloads.

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is a wonderful for placing images into a portfolio styled presentation. It can sort your images and videos, format text and categorize them into sortable sets. It has a rapid update turnaround, and has more than 50 thousand active installs. It is currently rated as 4.5 stars.

Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery manages your files, shows an image gallery, has a photo slide show, and allows you to incorporate music into your website. Another highly rated plugin at 4.5 stars, it has ongoing updates and currently has 20+ thousand active users.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery allows you to create a very responsive gallery in minutes. It also has add-ons for ecommerce, Facebook, and an importing/exporting between WordPress websites. Boasting a 4.5 star rating and currently has over 300 thousand active users.

Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery is an easy to use, comes retina ready,and is lightning fast. It is built to be highly configurable and extensible for both freelancers and developers. It holds a 5 star rating and over 80 thousand active users.

Photospace Gallery

Photospace Gallery allows you to upload multiple images at once, and has a drop and drag feature to order images. You can modify the order, shape, and size of thumbnails, as well asset the width of your gallery columns and the size of the main image. It currently has over 6 thousand active installs and has a 4.5 star rating.

WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus has no limits on the amount of albums or individual photos and no limits to the nesting depth of your sub albums. You can specify the way your albums are ordered, as well as the photos in the album on a system wide or as a per album basis. Currently rated at 4.5 Stars and has over 40 thousand active installs.


Photon is not a plugin per se, but rather an extension of the JetPack plugin from WordPress. It is an image accelerating and editing service for both WordPress.com and WordPress.org websites where Jetpack is connected. It does have both a free and paid version.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load replaces all your post images, gravatar images, content iframes, and post thumbnails with a placeholder and loads that content when the user is closer to them. It is another free plugin available through the directory and has 50+ thousand active installs with a 4 star rating.


Solilquy claims to be the best WordPress slider plugin on the market currently. With features like integrations for WooCommerce, responsive images for all screen sizes, and a drag and drop builder for ease of use. Prices start at $19 a year to $249 for a lifetime license.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a number of image posting plugins available for WordPress. In this listing, you can also see that there are some free and paid versions of plugins. When using a plugin however, do try not to have several of the same kinds because the overlaps could potentially slow down your site.


But feel free to try out any of these plugins for your next image posting.