Cafe Rio Pork Salad Recipe – As an Infographic!

Guest Submission
Infographic design by Jesse Cervantes
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If you live pretty much anywhere in the Western United States (and now in Virginia and Maryland), there’s no question you’ve tickled your tastebuds with Cafe Rio’s famous Pork Salad–a little taste of heaven and some of best Mexican cuisine to hit the planet since, well, nachos (and if you haven’t tried it, exactly right now is the time to hit up your friends to take you there and wolf one down.)

Since the day the famous Cafe Rio Pork Salad was introduced to the world, people have been trying to mimic the recipe at home. Thanks to the wildly popular blog, Six Sisters’ Stuff (and the women who run it, of course), a pretty darn close recipe has circulated since 2011. And now, thanks to one my students, writer/designer Jesse Cervantes (who just completed a course on developing infographics), we now have the glorious recipe as an infographic!

Now enjoy the goodness from the convenience of your own slow cooker in a fully designed infographic recipe.