Look At Your Business Through Your Customers’ Eyes

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It’s critical to gain new perspectives of your business. Let’s be clear: understanding how other people perceive your company will significantly help you increase your chances of success on the market. Case in point? Investors. When you know exactly what investors want to see from a business, you can make sure that your business ticks off all the boxes.

For instance, one thing that investors are looking for in a company is a strong, charismatic leader. They are essentially looking for someon that can become a household name; once you can put a face to a company, you immediately grab the interest of the market.

But perhaps one of the most important perceptions would be that of your customers. How do your customers perceive your business? They might think that your company is fantastic and a breath of fresh air on the market. Or, they could have ideas on how you could improve your services and gain more attention from them. By knowing what customers want, you should be able to reshape your business to match their preferences and gain higher levels of profit.

At the very least though, you need to be aware of the red flags that cause customers to never buy from you again. Watching out for these business faux pas will keep your business strong against fierce competition.

Provide The Best Deliveries

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Customers want a few things from delivery services when they order a product from your company. They want it to be fast and companies that can provide a rapid turnaround time often grab a larger slice of the market. They want it to be efficient too and this means that if it is too expensive, they don’t want the costs to be pushed onto them. It doesn’t need to be cheap, but it does have to great great value for the money. Finally, they want deliveries to be secure, and we’re not just talking about payment methods here. They want to know that when they order a product from your business, it will be delivered without any issues.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great delivery service in your business. Indeed, if you look at reviews on companies online, you’ll find that most of the negative issues are due to problems with deliveries.

Of course, the trouble is that logistics are rather expensive. That’s why most companies these days use an outsourced service. With outsourcing, costs can be kept under control, but you do need to make sure you’re using a pro service. You don’t want to be caught out using a company that is delivering a poor service, no pun intended. For online companies, it might be best to just get the whole service in one. There are businesses that offer everything from order to delivery. So, with ecommerce fulfilment services from Red Stag Fulfillment and other similar services, you can make sure that everything is taken care of as soon as a customer clicks on a product. You know that product will be delivered to their door without you having to lift a finger.

Cutting the errors and issues out of logistics is a brilliant way to improve customer perception of your business. Once you resolve any problems here, you’ll definitely see more positive views, but it’s just one of the areas consumers care about.

Show Them The Easy Way

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You will want to make sure that things are as easy as possible for customers and clients, particularly if they are buying products from you online. You don’t want them to have to wait around for a slow website because they won’t. Instead, they’ll scroll down and find one that immediately loads up. You have to remember that online, they’re only ever a millimeter away from a competitor that’s probably selling similar products to you. You have to make sure that you are getting that click.

If you are having trouble with site speeds, you might want to think about changing your hosting service. By switching your hosting service, you should be able to get access to faster speeds and more control over how your site operates.

Of course, speed is only one of the issues that can lead to customers turning away from your business. You need to think about what happens when they are on your site. Is it easy for them to find a product that they are interested in buying? Or does it take an age to find the right page? The trick here is to make sure you have a solid ecommerce platform running in the background that is clearly laid out.

You might add a lot of content to your site which is a smart move as the Google algorithm responds to fresh content, but you have to be careful. If you add too much new content, you can end up in the situation where your site is overstuffed. To combat this problem, you really need a blog section of your site specifically for fresh info.

Although, another way to give customers the easy way to buy would be to open up lots of different venues. For instance, you might want to invest in your own business app. You can use this for marketing purposes too such as releasing fresh info, although it might be best to do that through social media. Particularly, if you want them to see it as quickly as possible.


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Remember that customers are looking for more from the businesses they buy from these days. They don’t just want a one and done purchase, they want to form a connection with the companies they use. And it is in your best interest to grow these connections because it will keep customers loyal, coming back for more. Once you have a customer committed to repeating sales, they’ll keep your business in the green. But how do you keep customers loyal?

Well, you can connect with them through social media and show them that you care. You might even want to look at releasing content that targets them directly. Or, promoting content that they create for your business. UGC is a great way to interact with your customers and show them that they are part of your business.

For some business models, it will also be beneficial to open direct channels of communication with customers such as live feeds. You can set up live feeds on social media or directly on your website. When you do this, you are giving them the chance to make an impact on how your business is run or operates. They will certainly appreciate this opportunity.

Be More Than A Business

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Finally, if you want to really impress customers, you need to show that you’re running more than a business. You’re willing to help make a difference in this world and change things for the better. There are lots of ways to do this from getting your company involved in charity to perhaps going green. Businesses can get a lot of positive market reactions simply by ensuring that they are doing their part to help protect the environment. You can provide any initiatives that you incorporate in your marketing campaign. Or, you might just let them notice the changes for themselves.

Amazon did this with virtually no promotion several years ago. They worked to remove any plastic from the packaging of products that were bought directly from them. Whether this had an impact on their market hold is difficult to say. However, it certainly made things a lot easier for their customers.

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