Want a Change of Career? These are the Practical Steps to Make it Happen

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Feeling stagnant in your career? Perhaps you’re in a dead-end job, or have reached the end of the line with how far you can go. Maybe your job is too stressful or isn’t challenging enough–leading you to get bored. Or, maybe you’ve changed or grown as a person since starting your career and now it just doesn’t feel like a match. Whatever it is, if you’re wondering whether to follow your dreams and start fresh, here are a few points to consider.

Decide On What You Want To Do

You might have made your mind up that you no longer want to work in the sector you’re in, but do you know exactly what you want to do? Do you have a passion you want to follow or a job in mind that would be worth quitting what you know for? Once you have a rough idea of what you want to do, have a look online and see what kind of positions are available. Are these something you would be happier doing? Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to quit your current job to work for yourself. Your best bet would to get your business set up and make sure things are running well before handing in your notice, at least that way you’re earning a profit right away.

Work Out Your Budget

Usually, a change of career involves starting again from the beginning. This means a change in your wages is likely and, while this is usually worth it for a job that makes you happy, you do need to consider the practical implications. Can you afford your rent or mortgage, bills, vehicles and everything else you currently pay for? If you have a partner who is willing to support you this will make life a little easier. Otherwise, you might need to save up and have a buffer there or even work a second job for a while. There are plenty of ways to earn money from home these days such as blogging and freelancing, so it wouldn’t necessarily mean having to get dressed in uniform and travel to another job at the end of each shift which lets face it would be pretty exhausting. A couple of hours on the evening or weekend at home could make all the difference and boost your earnings.

Go Back Into Education

A change of career doesn’t necessarily have to mean leaping from one job to the next. Instead, why not go back to college or university? If you already have qualifications, you could build on these. Otherwise, any education you can get in the field you want to work in will be beneficial. Having the right qualifications may mean you’re not going in at entry level and can instead secure a job higher up with better pay. You don’t even need to attend a formal university or college each day. You could study online with Excelsia College or any other online education institution, and gain your degree from the comfort of your home. Work out how you will finance this and afford to have time off while you study. If you can make it work, it may well be the best thing you’ve ever done!

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Where we work and what we do for a living is so important. Let’s face it, we spend such a significant portion of our lives doing our job, if you’re unhappy here, you’re never going to feel fully happy and fulfilled. A change of career could give you your old spark back and allow you to feel passionate and motivated about what you do.