Your Website Could Mean Make or Break For Your Business–Here’s Why

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You might believe that it’s your unique selling point, your excellent customer service, your workforce, or your marketing strategies that are the most important aspects of your business. And while each of these are crucial, of course, none of them really matter if your website isn’t up to scratch. If you are putting off potential customers with an amateur, cheap or dodgy-looking website when they come to buy from you, it doesn’t make a difference how great everything else is. These days a website is important for every business, regardless of industruy, and they should never be treated as an afterthought. Here are some of the reasons your site could mean make or break for your business.

It Allows You to be Open. Always.

Unlike a physical store which will have opening times, a website allows you to be open and ready for action 24/7. People can browse your products and find out more information about you any time they want, but without you having to physically be there. Sure, products won’t be shipped until the next working day, but a customer can place the order and do everything necessary on their side whatever time they like. For success in businesses you absolutely have to be accessible. Having a website allows you to do just that.

It Builds Trust

People like shopping with big brands and familiar websites because they know that they are trustworthy. We all know the importance of online safety, and this is something most people are going to take very seriously. So to persuade people to shop with you, a company they have never purchased from before, you need to show that you are professional and legitimate. While anyone with a bit of know-how can knock up a basic website these days, a proper, professionally designed site will stand head and shoulders above this. Whether your site is hosted on WordPress, Wix, Godaddy or somewhere else entirely, ensure that it is fast, reliable and well designed. Hire a designer to create the logo and graphics. A video creation or editing company can put together a professional looking welcome message, or how-to guides on how to use your products (if appropriate). A website designer will ensure that everything looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to navigate. More sales are now made through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than on traditional laptops and computers, so ensure your site is optimized for all devices, so customers have the ability to browse on the go.

People Are Put Off By Slow Websites

Researchers have found that almost half of people will click off a website if it doesn’t load within just three seconds. Just another reason why your site has to be top notch. Many participants stated that a slow or badly designed website would put them off ever returning. It goes to show just how much of an impact your site makes on customers. It’s one of the first things they will see when coming into contact with your business, and like they say you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

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