Using SEO to Boost Your Content

If you are in the midst of marketing a business or setting up a company to trade online, every entrepreneur and professional know how important SEO is in the modern age where technology is the key thing to give you the advantage over your competitors. But if you are new to the process of SEO what do you need to know to make sure that your first SEO campaign is successful and profitable? The first thing to think about when it comes to SEO is to not be overwhelmed by it, there is no one way to get ahead when it comes to this. And you shouldn’t rely on SEO techniques to be the main way to drive business, but it’s all about controlling your content. So let’s dive in.

Knowing Your Source Code

For those that aren’t aware of the intricacies of source code, it’s important to know that source code is not a very scary thing, but it is simply the code which the web browsers will read in order to understand the best way to display the contents of a web page. And this is what search engines read to determine what your website is all about, and this means having a handle on the right programming language for your website. You can view the source codes of a website by the following ways:

On a PC: Press CTRL + U

On a Mac or Chrome: View -> Developer -> View Source

Image Source

As you can see, there is a long line of code for any given website which is broken down into various components such as:

The Meta Description

This is a piece of code that you will have at the head of the page, and you only have one of these. This is basically the description of the page, and this generally doesn’t affect your search ranking, but you could be throwing away an opportunity at some free advertising. Consulting an SEO agency will give you the right information on how to tailor your meta description content on every web page as a lot of companies tend to skip this part and duplicate the homepage meta description content.

H1 Heading Tag

This is the main heading on a page and the best way to get people to click into your website. What you need at this point is copy that is warm and invites people to click on your content.

Internal links and Anchor text

These are links that will go to other websites and is important to search engines and how they use it within their algorithms to decide what your website is about and which web pages they should be serving to their search engine users.

The Image Alt Tag

This is what will tell search engines what each image is about. So it needs to be of things like diagrams, your website logo, or images of merchandise.

So there is your basic one stop shop to making your source code optimized for SEO. Now you can tailor your website to get that vital traffic that can boost your business.