How Your Company Should Advertise Open Positions

When you post an open position listing, you are likely to get hundreds of resumes and cover letters that are not even slightly relevant. This is because most companies don’t advertise their positions right and are likely to miss out on their perfect applicant as a result.

If you are looking to advertise an open position at your company, you need to do it right. You want candidates that fulfill the needs of the role, neither exceeding nor failing the requirements of the position.

To do this, follow these six tips for advertising open positions in your company. Three of these tips focus on the details of the posting itself, while the other three cover the different places to advertise your job posting.


If you want to get ahead in advertising open positions at your company, there is one golden tip that will have an immediate effect on how suited your candidates are: Be specific.

That’s it. If you write a specific job advertisement, regardless of where you post it, you are likely to increase effectiveness.

There are four different aspects of a specific job posting you should include if you want to make effective position advertisements:

  1. State the title of the job.
  2. Give the responsibilities of the job as fully and clearly as you can.
  3. Highlight the benefits of the position: What is the salary, where is the job located and what extra benefits may you be offering?
  4. Clearly put down the logistics of the position: How should applicants apply for the role, what specific requirements are there for the application and how long do applicants have to apply?

Simplicity of posting is one of the deciding factors when an applicant considers different job postings, according to a study from Cornell University. Do not neglect this stage of the process.


Don’t panic, that’s not a typo. Simplicity and complexity can run parallel within a single piece of work, particularly if the position you are advertising requires a high level of experience or skill. While you should not overly complicate your posting, make sure you are not dumbing it down too much.

If you are posting for a specific and technical job, for example, a systems analyst, you would want to challenge your applicants through technical language. This ensures you have only those truly capable of completing the job you want to hire them for, rather than encouraging underqualified applicants to waste your time by pretending they know what they’re talking about.

However, never forget it’s a balancing game between these two different aspects. If your posting leans too heavily to either side, some level of effectiveness will be lost.

Selling Yourself

While this can take the form of offering incentives like bonus payments, extra facilities or insurance coverage, selling yourself and your company mostly refers to convincing the applicant they should want to work for you. Present your company as a positive environment that is neither overly harsh nor soft, rather acting fairly and morally.

Talk about where previous employees have gone onto since being employed in a similar position, whether that is within the company or not, and make potential applicants believe that working for your company is the best choice.


Face-to-face networking is one of the most important tips for effectively advertising positions at your company. Most people largely ignore this aspect of advertising, believing the broad range available through posting positions on websites and in newspapers can replace it. It can’t.

Directly networking with individuals and other companies enables you to be incredibly selective in who even becomes aware of the position. You won’t be drowned in resumes, dredging through the pond-scum of generic candidates that litter the current job market.

One attendee of the Chicago Content Strategists Meetup observed that many potential recruits wanted face-to-face experience with a company before considering a position. They go on to suggest that this form of networking could be easily accomplished through video interviewing services like Skype, giving you the convenience of online position advertising while keeping an important personal touch.

This doesn’t mean you should discount other aspects of position advertisement, however.

Social Media

Honestly, if you are not using social media as part of your position advertisement, you’re missing out. Over 96% of recruiters use social media in some way related to the advertisement and recruitment surrounding a position, according to a survey carried out by Jobvite.

FDM4 International is just one company that has embraced the recruiting power of social media job advertisement, although they also chose to post onto their own blog, which is used to talk about news relevant to the company and its clients.

Over 1.94 billion people use Facebook alone out of the hundreds of social media websites that currently exist. Many of these sites, such as LinkedIn, are tailored towards job postings, especially through industry-specific blogging sites.

Using these social media sites to advertise positions at your company provides you with clear benefits you can’t ignore. Not only is social media advertising free on most platforms, but it also enables you to reach more qualified applicants and potentially find out more about the candidate.

Newspapers/Trade Journals

While this tip depends on what industry your company is in, posting in a relevant newspaper or trade journal can also help you trim the fat from those applying. It is a small-effort approach compared to directly networking with potential recruits, but it still enables your process to be more selective.

If your company is trying to recruit from a niche in the job market, it only makes sense for you to specifically target them rather than using a generic posting that garners a generic response from hundreds of unsuitable candidates.

While placing a job posting in either of these places is certainly going to cost money, the price is relatively negligible and certainly worth the effort. You need to limit the applicant pool to those who are relevant to the position, and this is the easiest way to do that.

Newspaper advertisements may actually be the best form of job advertisement your company could invest in, according to one advertisement agency that found the perceived reliability of such ads put them in a far better position than online or face-to-face ads.


Overall, there are many things you can do to improve your company’s advertisement of open positions. By improving both how and where you post job advertisements, you can easily improve the quality and relevancy of applicants without creating a large increase in cost.



Lexie Lu is a freelance web designer and blogger. She keeps up with the latest web design news and always has coffee in close proximity. She writes on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.