7 Courses You Can Take Online To Make You A Better Marketer

So you want to be a better marketer? You’ve come to the right place. Marketing is a competitive and innovative industry that is constantly changing, and you need to keep up. No matter how long you’ve been working in marketing, there are always new skills you can learn to help make you better at your job. Not everyone has the time to re-train and enroll in courses to learn new skills, but thanks to the wonders of the internet – you can do them online. Here’s our guide to seven of the best courses you can take to be a better marketer, from the comfort of your seat.

1. Digital marketing

There are many differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing. If you’ve always worked in traditional marketing, you might find yourself lacking in the skills that new employers will be looking for. Digital marketing is the future, offering a range of tools and channels to market to a wide range of people from all over the world. Many of these channels are free but could be neglected by you if you don’t know how to use them. To develop your marketing skills and offer a wider range of services to your clients, a short introduction to digital marketing could be just what you need to upskill.

2. Photoshop / Other image editing software

Image: Pexels


Today, marketers need to possess a variety of skills – writing good copy is no longer enough. The new generation of marketers are skilled in many areas, and photo/image editing is one of them. Image editing is something you might need to use for creating social media content, or for more complex purposes. The great thing about Photoshop is that there are a lot of people who are passionate about using it, meaning huge resources like the YouTube tutorials offered by Adobe themselves exist to help you out. Having online tutorials targeted at specific topics makes it easier to learn what you need as you need it, rather than taking a more in-depth course.

3. Video editing

Video editing is the next challenge for marketers, especially as content needs to be delivered quickly to be effective. With smartphones offering the chance to film HD-quality video easily and on the move, you may need to know how to edit the content quickly to send back or to post online. What you need to know about video editing will depend on the level and complexity required, but you can find courses to help you online. Downloading video-editing apps and having a play with them can help you to develop your skills, which could be transferred to more sophisticated editing software if needed.

4. Writing

You might think you have the writing aspect of marketing in the bag, but there are always new tricks to be learned. When you’ve been using a skill for a long time, it can be easy to become complacent with it. Taking a writing course now and then will help you to refresh your thinking and develop new skills. Think of it as driving – once you’ve got your license you start making errors or forming bad habits, so consider a writing course as a way to shake off those habits and get back to basics.

5. Social media

You might be a whizz on Instagram or popular on your personal Twitter account, but does that necessarily transfer to a business context? You could also be at the other end of the scale and have no knowledge whatsoever about how to use social media. Social media has many advantages and is a marketing platform that you can’t ignore. Learning how to harness its power will be a great asset to your work, and there are many, many resources to help you. There are many reasons to take part in social media workshops, and you can learn some tricks of the trade you might not find anywhere else. Webinars and online lectures are great places to learn and make the experience feel a lot more authentic than just reading words on a screen. Social media is constantly evolving, and with new platforms appearing all the time, you could benefit from getting to know them better and learning to use them to your advantage.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an important tool for marketers, especially if you work within an in-house marketing team as opposed to an agency. SEO involves using keywords to increase the search engine rankings of a website, therefore making it more visible to internet users. You can take an online SEO class to help you learn the basics, as well as to develop more in-depth skills and knowledge. If you specialize in digital marketing in particular, this will be a useful course for you to take.

7. Web design

Image: Pixabay

Web design isn’t a necessity for marketing professionals, but the question of whether to learn the art of ‘code’ is one that keeps getting raised in the industry. Many marketing professionals today offer complete packages to businesses, which include website design and content. Depending on the type of marketing you do and the industry you work in, it may not be the worst thing to learn how to do some basic code. On the other hand you’ll find coders and web developers that can offer copywriting, digital marketing and other skills that could make them more attractive to prospective clients. Enhancing your skills makes you a more desirable candidate and could benefit you if you decide to change careers later down the line.

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with today’s technology – that isn’t true. Marketing is constantly evolving as the audience changes, and it’s important that you keep up. The great thing about online courses is that you can start them when you want and complete them when you’re ready, with no ‘back-to-school’ fear. Take charge of your career by taking time the to educate yourself on the latest marketing tools to make you stand out above the rest.