5 Essential Design Elements for a Modern Website

Generating a pleasant web design is more than motivation or a unique idea; it’s tied in with grasping the basics of the subject. There is a bunch of fundamental design elements that every designer must know before starting any website project. Even bloggers who run personal blogs or create websites out of a hobby can learn from this article to make proficient looking designs. Obviously, rules are made to be broken, but you first must know what they are.

Flat Design

Three-dimensional layouts were once a famous design feature, though not anymore now. Lately, things have altered and companies have discarded the 3D perceptions and shadows. Flat designs give you a simpler-and clearer-to-understand site page which assists the ultimate goal of “built-for-usability” of any website.

We also know that a website has only 1/10th of a second to influence your visitor and potential customers, and ensure them that your website and business are reliable and executive. Using less animation, scrolling text, and flash content will also enable faster loading times, thus contributing to a better user experience.

Flat Icons

If a flat web design doesn’t convince you, then you should consider the advantages of using flat icons. They have turned into a standard practice, give your website a professional look and are also easier on the eyes of the users.

Consistent Theme

Your website’s design will differ from page to page, for instance, you would want your landing page to be more interesting and appealing than the inside pages. However, it is crucial to take into account the general impact of the site’s theme. A website’s theme should be focused & clear and each page should allude to it by using consistent color scheme and design. Moreover, your website pages should include images and matter that is in line with its respective topic.

Font Use

It’s essential while picking a textual style to consider how much substance will be presented, at what size, and how pertinent it is in the site’s informational hierarchy. Excess of varying text styles and sizes can be outwardly diverting. While it might be tempting to use one of a plenty of whimsical font styles available, keep consistency and readability your principal goals.  

Great Images

Images are a great way to attract users to your website. Use stunning visuals and illustrations so that people love the very first sight of your web page. With a moderately small collection of striking images, you can indicate items, people, whatever to tempt users to your website. Do not go overboard with the use of images as this will not only increase the load time of your pages but also distract the users from focusing on the real deal of your business and its offering.

There are several websites on the internet that can assist you in fetching free design elements for your website. It is suggested that you first make use of those free resources before paying a hefty price while you’re still in the beginners’ phase.

There are various standard rules with regards to making captivating designs on and off the web; however, these are some of the fundamental things that will guarantee anything you make is engaging, proficient and consummate.