What is the Music Appeal?

The Music Appeal is one of roughly twenty advertising strategies that marketing professionals use to persuade people to buy a product, pay for a service, donate to a cause, or otherwise be persuaded. The Music Appeal uses music and sound specifically to attract attention, make people feel good, and increase recall or memory of the product and service.

When Should I Use the Music Appeal?

The music appeal can be widely used for most any product or service type. The Music Appeal is especially useful when you want to make your product or service seem lively or exciting and you want to integrate a jingle or song that will make your audience feel happy and upbeat. Consider, for example, one of the classic tunes used by restaurant chain Chili’s to announce their baby back ribs. Note how the music is the emphasis of the appeal and how the jingle is catchy and upbeat.


How Do I Apply the Music Appeal in Advertising?

The music appeal works best when you make the advertisement almost entirely focused on the music, with the product or service you are advertising as background information. The goal is to get your audience to remember it later, even if they’re not necessarily paying close attention to the product while watching or listening to the advertisements. Keep music upbeat and memorable. While many advertisements include music and sounds as background information, when you use the Music Appeal, you make the music front and center of the ad, appealing to your target audience’s tastes in music and feel-good rhythms.

Examples of Music Appeals in Action



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    Great article! In our business we use music appeal or background music to help retailers, hotels, restaurants and bars create brand identity. Background Music helps create that perfect atmosphere for their customers. I will share your post on our blogs. 🙂


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