Salespeople: Are Your Customers Scared of You?

Would you like to know the greatest enemy you will face when it comes to making sales? It’s not your competitors, your lack of product knowledge, or your poor pitch. In fact, it’s your customer’s fear – of you. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the vast majority of people will never welcome a salesperson with open arms, and it’s something you will encounter from virtually every potential client.

There is a sense of distrust right away, which is only going to increase unless you understand how to deal with it. Communication is essential, of course, and if you want to start doing better for your business or the company you work for, then follow a few of these tips.

First Impressions Count

People are incredibly wary of strangers, and it’s the first wall you will encounter right away. The shutters will go up in an instant if you don’t make a good first impression. There are two things to consider that can allay your customer’s fears. First, do you look credible and official? As discussed over at, identification is important when you are meeting people for the first time, and often results in them having a higher level of trust in you. Smart dress is important, too – you may not have to wear a suit, but a uniform or smart casual wear is an important part of your visual identity.

But the main thing to remember is to look friendly and approachable, and focus on your presentation. A simple smile can work wonders when it comes to making a good first impression, and you should also back it up by keeping eye contact.

Put People at Ease

If you go into a sales situation at full steam, the likelihood is you will lose the customer faster than you can blink. You need to use a relaxed manner and tone, build some rapport quickly, and also show that you are interested in the person, not just the sale.

Be warm, friendly, and don’t be afraid to offer compliments. And if you get the opportunity to demonstrate your products or discuss a service, always thank the customer for the opportunity.

Understand the Fear of Mistakes

Even if the customer falls in love with you on the spot – unlikely, of course – they will still be worried about making a terrible mistake. Everyone has a fear of making a wrong decision, and the higher the cost of the product, the harder you are going to have to work to wipe out those concerns.

Being pushy won’t work – it will just cement the fears in your customer’s head. Instead, be professional, show off your expertise, and only proceed if it is in the prospect’s interest. Only then will you be able to convince them your product or service is a good solution to their problems.

Get Them to Talk

Finally, never forget that communication is a two-way affair. Talking nine to the dozen about your products might help you overcome your nerves, but it will all be for nothing if the customer doesn’t feel the same way. Get them to do some of the talking, instead. Ask them about their concerns, and you will be able to understand where they are coming from, and have something concrete to work with. As a final point, empathy is a vital – but sadly underused – tool in the salesperson’s box. Make sure you use it, and you won’t scare as many customers away in the future.