What is the Play-on-Words Appeal?

The Play-on-Words Appeal  is one of roughly twenty advertising strategies that marketing professionals use to persuade people to buy a product, pay for a service, donate to a cause, or otherwise be persuaded. The Play-on-Words Appeal uses creative use of language and visual metaphors to intrigue and please audiences. The Play-on-Words Appeal applies figures of speech like puns and idioms and hyperbole to encourage audiences to pay attention, remember, and enjoy the advertisement as a unique display of creativity.

When Should I Use the Play-on-Words Appeal?

The Play-on-Words Appeal is a great way to showcase your company as creative, fun, and personally engaging with your target audience. Because most people tend to enjoy the puzzle and subtle humor that is embedded in plays on words, the Play-on-Words Appeal is useful for creative a positive, memorable perspective of your company, product, or idea in a way that is often not too controversial (but that will depend on the subject matter you choose). Be careful when using the Play-on-Words Appeal to make sure that your target audience will actually understand the play on words and that you don’t create something too cliche.

How Do I Apply the Play-on-Words Appeal in Advertising?

There are nearly endless possibilities with the Play-on-Words Appeal as you might integrate any type of figure of speech (thing of puns, similes, hypberbole, metonymy, metaphor, idiom, synecdoche, or many others) or as you actually play with word choice. The Play-on-Words Appeal can be tricky as you determine the education level of your audience and the effectiveness of your visuals and language in harmony with the play on words. When you choose to use the Play-on-Words Appeal, be sure to use creative imagery that enhances the text (if you have any text), but be careful not to simply repeat in text what is already shown in a visual. Note that your audience will need to understand the puzzle and humor very quickly, thus it’s a good idea to test your play on words with several people in your target audience before you actually launch a campaign using this method.

Examples of Play-on-Words Appeals in Action