The Best Productivity Apps of 2017

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If you are struggling to keep up with your workflow, then you should consider discovering ways to increase your productivity. Fortunately, we live in a technologically advanced society. The internet has changed the way we communicate and the way we work.

There is now a literal smorgasbord of productivity apps available for download through the Apple and Android app stores. There are thousands of apps to choose from, each promising their unique way of improving your productivity. Taking the time to download and try out only a few apps can become confusing and frustrating.

We decided to take the effort out of the research and bring you a list of the best productivity apps for 2017.

Getting started in the Morning

How do you start your day? Most of us boot up our machines and review the news, look at our social profiles and check our email. Procrastination comes from not knowing what to do and the longer you abstain from action; the more time wasted that you could be using to achieve your goals. Trello and Todoist are examples of apps that you can use to consolidate your morning activities and get to work faster.

Trello is an all-in-one collaboration tool that you can use on or offline to organize your day and manage your team’s activities. Todoist will help you manage your activities for the week and sets you up with an overview of all the tasks you need to complete to keep your project on track.

Do you have many different email accounts that you check regularly? Pull all of your email accounts together in one user-friendly dashboard with Newton. Newton is so convenient that it can save you hours every week on email tasks alone.

Track Your Time

Do you coordinate a remote international team? Different time zones can become a problem if you decide to contact your team members of clients in time zones where they may still be sleeping. Never get caught out again with the Timezone app. This app lets you know the exact time in the locations of your team members, ensuring that you never catch them on their downtime.

Stay Focused

Do you find it a challenge to stay focused? The constant distractions and noise of the online world can end up dragging you down a rabbit hole that chews up your productivity time. Stay focused with FocusList, the productivity app that lets you combine timers with to-do-lists, ensuring that you are always working to your optimal capacity.

Work on the Move

Do you handle lots of PDF documents? That’s not too surprising as PDF is the world’s favorite file format. Now you can use the full functionality of a PDF suite on your mobile device. Previous web-based PDF applications were limited in their functionality. With Soda PDF, you have the opportunity to use a complete PDF solution, without it using up your memory and slowing down your device. Use your Soda PDF editor directly from your mobile device to effortlessly create and edit forms online, manage your files and convert HTML to PDF.

Apps for Your Commute

There are even apps for your daily commute home. Do you enjoy an entertaining podcast, or like learning new subjects when you are on your drive? Try out Overcast and get access to all of your favorite podcasts. Blinkist will summarize non-fiction books for you and help you make the most out of your time.

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