What is the Social Appeal?

The Social Appeal  is one of roughly twenty advertising strategies that marketing professionals use to persuade people to buy a product, pay for a service, donate to a cause, or otherwise be persuaded. Similar to the Bandwagon Appeal and the Snob Appeal, the Social Appeal attracts audiences to a product or service by giving them a sense of social acceptance. While the Bandwagon Appeal encourages people to buy a product or service because “everyone else is doing it,” and the Snob Appeal makes people feel like they’re part of an elite club or deserving of luxury, the Social Appeal focuses on other social aspects, like finding joy in friend-making, feeling included, increasing in status, or being affiliated with a particular group.

When Should I Use the Social Appeal?

The Social Appeal is good for advertising products and services that have the potential of making people feel included or accepted. Think of the types of groups, clubs, or social circles your product, service, or idea creates. If, for example, you are a non-profit trying to advertise and promote the idea adopting animals, you might think of the social circles that care about animal adoption and how adopting an animal places you in a special group of caring people who have done the same. Alternatively, you can use the Social Appeal to simply show how sharing a product or service with a group of people in a social situation makes that situation even more enjoyable (like eating with friends.)

How Do I Apply the Social Appeal in Advertising?

The Social Appeal works most effectively when you showcase a person or group of people that belong to a desirable social group and then use visuals and language that encourage target audiences to want to either be a part of that group (if they’re not already) or enhance their experience with that group.

Examples of Social Appeals in Action