127 Facts about Video Marketing (Infographic)

While I’m not always a huge fan of long, scrolling infographics with random and floating statistics, Website Builder recently created an infographic (below) about video marketing that I found not only interesting but useful and insightful. There are some helpful nuggets of information that you may find useful in choosing whether or not to use video for promotional opportunities. A few of the things I find most useful in this infographic include the following:

  • Demographic data (good for target market consideration when developing video content)
  • Data on social media platforms and the value of video in each
  • Case study highlights on improved sales using video content (though the data could be taken out of context)
  • Comparison of video effectiveness in comparison to other media channels for advertising
  • Data on video conversion
  • Psychology of video consumers

As with any infographic that displays numerical data without explaining the research methods, I would take some of the content with a grain of salt. However, this thoroughly researched infographic on video marketing facts cites all of its sources and has some valuable insight into the use of video for your business or organization. Check it out and tell me what you think!