Instagram Tools to Help You Get More Followers

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If you have an Instagram account and you’re struggling to get more followers on it,  you can use a few cool tricks to boost you Instagram follower pool. The more followers you will have the more popular you will be… It makes a ton of sense!

Wondering how to do it? Start by expanding your visuals and making your Instagram profile look gorgeous. Create better Instagram stories, too. People love stories.

If you’re still not sure what to do next, follow the tips below.

Here are some amazing Instagram hacks you can use to increase your following:

Use Quality Photos

When it comes to posting on Instagram you absolutely must post high quality photos (none of those cheap cell phone pics); it’s all about visuals. Becoming successful on Instagram really starts with high-quality photos. Consider using a higher grade camera, like a digital DSLR for the pictures. But if you don’t have a DSLR, don’t fret. In an age of digital photo editing, you can download some fairly cheap apps or use software like Photoshop on your PC, Android or iOS mobiles to make your photos’ quality better.

Establish a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Check out different peoples’ profiles and think about the best thing you noticed on their profiles. It will be their Feeds.

You can make your Instagram profile attractive for your visitors by having a consistent and professional-looking videos and photos. If the visitors find influencers on Instagram profiles, they will most certainly follow; that is one of the more important concepts to attract more followers. Later’s Visual Instagram Planner is a great tool to make your Instagram feed looking great.

Find the Best Time to Post

On Instagram, timing does matter. Unfortunately, timing is one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when trying to attract new followers. How does Instagram’s algorithm work?

If you will know what and when to post on Instagram, try using Instagram Insights. Check the timing of when people are viewing your posts most often and try different times. After some practice, you’ll get to where you can post at just the right time of day, multiple times each day, to hit the sweet spot where potential followers will see you most.

Create Better Instagram Stories

Let’s fact it: people like stories. One of the greatest things you can do running an Instagram account is creating stories that move and captivate people. There’s no doubt that Instagram stories can play a vital role in improving your profile. You must create great stories that speak to your target audiences so that they will take more interest, engage and comment on, and share. Without question, if you’re a good storyteller, you’ll boost your followership. Stereo and Boomerang are great resources that can help you to make engaging stories for your profile.

Find Better Hashtags for Your Posts

Hashtags are not only for Twitter; today you can use trending hashtags to reach more audiences and get more followers on Instagram. However, your task will be to find a trending hashtag to engage a community in your post. So, the question is how to find hashtags. Display Purposes and Focalmark are two great tools that can help you in this regard.