4 Ways that Employee Absences Can Negatively Affect Your Business

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Employers are expected to give their employees several days leave per certain working period.  This enables them to rest and deal with any other issues that may require their attention.  However, some employees still miss work despite the mandatory leaves and have made it a habit. Employee absenteeism has been observed to be either intentional or caused by health or family related issues. Whichever the case, frequently absent employees always cause negative affects your business. Knowing how employee absence & leaves affect your business will go a long way in helping management deal with the problem and find an effective solution to this problem. Here are four ways in which employee absences can negatively affect your business.

Low Business Performance

Absent employees directly affect the business performance and therefore the overall production. Work does not flow as is required because either the absent individual’s work does not get done for the period he is on leave or it will have to be assigned to other employees who may not have enough experience and expertise in handling this particular job. Low performance means that deadlines will not be beaten and the quality of products and services are also affected negatively.  

Affects Employee to Employee Relationships

This is a big problem because it causes the other employees to resent the absent person. This resentment affects the business in several ways such as:

  • The supervisor will find trouble in allocating duties thus affecting his performance.
  • No other employee will be willing to take up the duties of the absent individual.
  • One or two absent individuals means that the workload will be increased for the other employees.
  • The employer may have to find a substitute employee to take up these duties and this means extra cost to the business.
  • It affects the morale of the other employees reducing further the quality of their work.
  • It may encourage other employees to also start a culture of absenteeism if no disciplinary action is taken against them.

Kills Customer Confidence

This is common where the business deals with customers and clients directly or businesses that have a customer care section. Some clients prefer dealing with just one employee whenever they need certain services. If this customer or client is always calling and being told that the particular employee is absent, the business may end up losing that customer. Customer confidence is also affected through the company’s inability to beat deadlines or if the quality of their production goes down.

Affects Business Growth

When the Human Resource department picks an individual to join their business, there usually are several factors that have been considered. The professional qualification and how this person can help bring growth to the company are always among these factors.  Frequent leaves and absences mean that the company cannot rely on this individual to help bring growth to the business. This directly translates to a loss for the company as it will be paying salaries but not getting what it requires from the employee.