The Top 4 Reasons to Change Your Fax Machine to an Email Fax

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It is now possible to have all your fax messages directed to your email inbox. This means that your faxes can, for instance, be redirected to your Gmail inbox. These will be delivered to you in the form of digital documents. A Google fax number is a virtual fax number that will do the task of redirecting all your faxes into your Gmail inbox. With online faxing technology, it is now possible for you to send and receive faxes through Gmail which means that you will be able to access them from anywhere that you have internet connection. Here are 4 reasons an email fax is a must have.

1. You will require fewer resources

Online faxing is easy and doesn’t require as many resources as the physical fax machines. With the virtual fax machine, you will not need to clutter your office with the fax machine that occupies a lot of space. You will also save on paper and ink that would have been used with the traditional fax machines. Considering that you will not have a physical fax machine in your office, you should definitely save lots of money since there won’t be any maintenance costs.

2. It offers greater security

Traditional fax machines offer little security since the documents that are sent through fax have to be printed and can be accessed by unauthorized people during printing.  This is not the case with the online faxing. The files sent through the virtual fax will be encrypted and only the person with the access to the chosen email address. This means that more security is guaranteed as opposed to the traditional fax machines. With the google fax number, you can rest assured that all your personal or company records will never fall into the wrong hands.

3. Get Convenience, Go Green

With the virtual fax, you do not have to wait for the office fax machine to print or send the faxes for you. You can easily upload faxes and receive faxes into your email inbox. Do not forget that this can be done anywhere, hence convenience on your part. Unless you need a physical copy, you will never really require printing your faxes as they will always be stored in your email account. This will, in turn, help you to go green. Traditional fax machines have to print everything that comes their way, regardless of whether it is important or spam. Research shows that over 200 billion pages of fax documents are printed annually in the United States. This has a negative impact on the environment. To save the environment, the virtual fax is the way to go!

4. Easy to use, easy to keep records

With the online fax, you are assured of ease of usage and ease of information storage. With the virtual fax, you do not need to use phone lines, papers, and toner. As long as you are familiar with email, you should be able to use the virtual fax and enjoy the benefits. It also becomes easy for you to track all your incoming and outgoing fax. With a few clicks, you should be able to sort out all your fax messages, unlike with the traditional fax where you have to deal with bulky physical files.