6 Steps to Employee Retention

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One thing many businesses don’t realize, is that the way they treat their employees is costing them money. Treating employees the right way can mean keeping them for the future, creating brand ambassadors for your business, and more. Treating them poorly is going to mean you end up spending more on hiring and training in the long run, not to mention have the potential to develop a poor reputation. Here are 6 steps you should follow for employee retention:

Know Exactly What You Need In Your New Hire

Employee retention means hiring the right person. This means knowing exactly what you need when hiring somebody. Know what is crucial for them to have already, what they can learn on the job, and so on and so forth. What will their role be within the office? What should they bring to the table? By being super specific and outlining what you want, you’ll end up with the best equipped person for the job.

Bear in mind you should never go solely on qualifications (unless legally necessary) just like you should never go solely on personality. A mixture of both is important.

Hire For The Long Term

Make sure that when you hire, you hire with the long term in mind. This means you need to start taking steps right away that back this up, such as storing information with tools like www.DataServ.com/solutions/hr-software. You don’t want any information to get lost, but this can easily happen if you choose a plain old filing cabinet.

Relate To Your Team

Relating to your team shows them that you’re a real person just like they are. Share stories and anecdotes of when you were in different roles if you think it will help them. Make sure you go above and beyond to help them if they need it. Showing you truly care about your employees and their experience in your business will make all the difference.

Have An Open Door Policy

One of the worst things you can do is be one of those bosses that people are scared to speak to. Have an open door policy so that your employees can come to you with any issue at any time. Make sure you do what you can to help them too.

Make Work Easier And More Enjoyable

Work is never going to be all that easy, but do your best to make it easier and enjoyable for your employees however you can. Could you perhaps purchase a piece of equipment that will make things easier for them? Maybe you could simply get a microwave and other supplies for the kitchen? Make their lives at work as enjoyable as can be.

Be Flexible

It’s 2017, which means we must be flexible in our approach to employees. Maybe you could allow them so many ‘work from home’ days. Maybe you could allow them to swap shifts between themselves providing it makes sense. Do what you can to be flexible and show them that their own lives come first.