Marketing Checklist: Have You Tried Everything?

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If you have a great business idea but are now struggling to grow your new company it might be because no one knows about you. The best way to work out if this is the reason is to look at your marketing efforts.

This checklist should help you to determine whether you have tried everything– you might just find that there is something you hadn’t even considered which is the one thing that could really make a difference:

Have you worked with influencers?

The benefit of influencers is that they already have a loyal following who look to them for inspiration and advice. Find a way to work with them and this could prove incredibly lucrative. Not sure how? Take a look at this post created by blogger Inthefrow in collaboration with Ted Baker, for some inspiration.

 Do you have a blog?

Blogs are free to set up and content is the perfect way to build brand awareness and a loyal following. This shouldn’t push your product or service though, you should consider related content that your target audience will find useful or interesting and therefore want to read and share.

 Are you using offline techniques as well as online?

The likes of social media and other online marketing tools have grown in recent years to become a key part of any marketing strategy. But, your online efforts should not replace your offline marketing. The likes of flyers, leaflets and posters, that you can bulk buy from places such as Phroom, are still very much integral to your overall plan and can reach places that online can’t.

Does your marketing support and reinforce each other?

Do your social pages have links back to your blog and website? Do your flyers advertise a networking event you are part of? All areas of your marketing – particularly offline and online – should work together.

 Are you supporting your community?

You don’t always have to be thinking big when it comes to your marketing. One of the best places to start is with your local community – this could mean sponsoring a fun run or the local football team. Think about your target market and get your name in front of them locally.

Have you been in your local newspaper?

Is there something newsworthy going on in your business? Then write a press release or simple contact your local paper and let them know about it. If you don’t already have anything worth sharing perhaps consider what you could do – such as work with a local charity, for example.

Do you network?

Do you get out of the office and meet people? Networking is key to growing your business so look for local events where you can meet potential clients and customers. If there aren’t any – organise one yourself. This doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or cost a lot of money, it could simply take place in your local coffee shop for now.

Have you offered your product or service for free?

People like to try before they buy so offer them a chance to sample your product – they will quickly come back for more.

So have you tried everything? If you have answered yes to all of the above then you probably have but perhaps you need to re-evaluate how you are doing it. You might not be networking at the right events or maybe the influencers you are working with don’t have the same target market as you? If this is the case you may need to ask yourself some further questions to work out what changes you need to make to move forward.

If you answered no to one or more of the questions then give it a go, you might find that this is what you have been missing.