Movavi Video Suite Review: Why Choose Movavi?

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Movavi video suite is a one-stop solution for video making and editing, offering a wide range of features to make videos look more professional. Based in the US, the company has its offices located in Saint Louis, Missouri and offers professional video making and editing tools.

Movavi video suite lets the multimedia fanatics incorporate music, edit videos professionally and have a hands-on experience with visual effects and transitions.

In this Movavi video suite review, we reveal the pros and cons of the software that a user should consider before opting it as a perfect video making partner. The review has been created after conducting individual testing and examining users’ reviews about Movavi.


  • “Record Screen” feature offered
  • Comes with file conversion tools
  • 2D/3D video conversion offered
  • Plain and sleek layout
  • Responsive customer support system
  • In-depth guides offered


  • No 24/7 live chat support
  • Fewer effects and transitions

Installation and Setup

Movavi video suite is available on all leading platforms such as Windows and Mac OS X. Also, the video suite has cheered the fanatics with its exclusive apps available to download on iOS and Android devices.

The software can be downloaded from Movavi site and later can be installed hassle-free. However, the HD video editing feature requires comparatively more space on a  system.

User-Friendliness and Performance

Movavi video suite takes an edge over a ton of video editing software available in the market due to its next-level user-friendliness. Having said, the video suite is fast, simple and easy to use.

The video processing is optimized in a way that software doesn’t make the users wait. On top, Movavi has blended in the latest technology that allows users to perform multi-tasks freely.

Video Editing with Movavi

In essence, Movavi Video Suite offers a multi-track timeline, allowing the users to edit movies and join clips easily. Also, the software offers handy video editing features such as splitting, rotation, video cropping, joining, special effects, and transitions.

Not to forget, Movavi doesn’t offer a wide range of transitions when compared with premium video editing suites. However, the program is easy to run and handles the transitions flawlessly.

Bringing in the 2D/3D Video Conversion

On top of all, Movavi has surprised the movie fanatics with its 3D offerings, allowing users to convert 3D videos to 2D. Similarly, the 2D videos can be converted to 3D using Movavi.

However, there’s a range of configuration choices to opt for setting up a 3D movie to be viewed on a broad range of 3D glasses and TVs. Having said, we consider it a striking feature of Movavi, but it could be incorporated into virtual reality support, adding to a completely new level of entertainment.

Support System and Assistance

Movavi claims to offer a responsive support system, aiming to provide subscribers with all the necessary information. Having said, we went through Movavei’s support channels and discovered that the provider only offers knowledge base section and E-Mail inquiry system.

To our surprise, there was no 24/7 live chat system, which is an area of improvement for Movavi. We hope Movavi will soon provide the users with a responsive chat support system to deal with their instant queries.

Final Words

Movavi is a feature-rich video making and editing software that offers various striking features, making the videos look more professional than ever. However, the software is lacking in some features such as fewer transitions and no live chat support.

Movavi is a quick and easy tool for in-house editors who want to put videos uploaded on YouTube or discs. But, it could have been much better with various additions and improvements.