Absenteeism: The Silent Corporate Killer

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Business owners often think the big problems are the ones that kill off companies. Yes, a lack of cash flow is never going to be a good thing. However, cash flow doesn’t dry up overnight. The reason the river bed runs dry is the tiny incidents which build up and escalate. It’s called death by a thousand paper cuts, and absenteeism is a prime example. A day off here and another one there doesn’t seem like a big deal for lots of bosses. But, here are the reasons it may slowly bring the business to its knees.

Normalizes the Practice

When employees don’t attend work, the management has to step in immediately. Workers see this as Big Brother keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, but the truth is different. Bosses know that employees will take a mile if given an inch, and a day off is always on the cards. People who constantly call in sick will continue to do so until there is a reprimand from the firm. Dealing with it ASAP stops workers and their colleagues from thinking it’s a normal practice. So, everyone should start turning up on time, even on a Monday morning.

Puts Pressure On Attendees

As soon as an individual doesn’t turn up for work, the rest of the team suffers. It’s obvious that they have to pick up the slack because they are the only resources available. In a perfect world, the projects could wait until a later date yet there are deadlines to hit. Therefore, the people in the office have to work harder, stay later, and experience more stress because of an unscheduled sick day. Not only is this unfair, but it creates unrest throughout the office. Workers start to think “why should I put up with this when they are at home under a duvet?” And, they begin to take matters into their own hands.

It’s Hard To Track

The main reason absenteeism is dangerous is that of the money. Businesses who pay employees who don’t work are throwing money down the toilet. And, it gets worse because absences aren’t easy to spot. Sure, if there are five people in the office it’s glaringly obvious. But, when there are hundreds of employees on site, who is going to notice? The answer is a human resource information system or HRIS. After all, computers have all the answers. Sadly, you may not have the money or resources to install one so the company continues to fritter money away on absenteeism.

Kills Reputation

Businesses that are overrun with queries and orders will boil over. At some point, a customer or customers will have to deal with unacceptable waiting times as a result. Worse still, the person on the phone may snap and treat them without respect. Some customer service advisors just ignore people altogether because they can’t cope. All of the latter lead to a decline in the firm’s reputation because customers talk. As soon as word of mouth spreads, lead generation and sales will take a hit.