Making Online Sales: A Simple Manifesto

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Now, don’t get me wrong data, detail and feedback can all be useful in informing your sales strategy online, as long as there are meaningful. However, to successfully shift some serious amounts of product and ensure your profits go through the roof you don’t have to spend hours pouring over statistics and printouts. In fact, closing sales online can be reduced down to some very simple principles that will work no matter what your product is, or the market that you are trying to appeal to. Keep reading to find out what those principles are and how you can apply them to increase sales for your own business.

A Good Host

While your mother may have informed you of the benefits of being a good host when you were a child, the hosting that we are talking about here is nothing to do with offering cups of tea or plates of biscuits. In fact, the type we are talking about here that you need to get right for healthy online sales is the company that is offering the service of hosting your website where you sell your products.

It’s basic logic really, but you need the host that you use to be reliable and effective so your site can reach as many potential customers as possible. That means hosts that have lots of problems or fail regularly aren’t going to make a good choice if you are looking to secure as many sales as possible. That is why it’s vital that you balance cost effectiveness with reputation and a guarantee of the type of service you can expect from the hosting service you employ.

Have a top-notch marketing program

Next, to make online sales you have to have more than just good product displayed on your website, you also have to have a way or in fact, many ways of directing potential customers to that website, so they can buy.  

The primary way of doing this is by having a top-notch marketing strategy, one that includes all sorts of techniques such as engaging written content, promotions, reviews by bloggers, and even videos and games.

Of course, marketing being a specialized field in itself means that many folks starting up their business can feel a little lost when it comes to fulfilling this function for their own company. Luckily, there are some wonderful resources such as the digital marketing strategy toolkit by Smart Insights that are designed to guide you through the process, and ensure that you can entice potential customers to your site, and help you convert these hits into sales. Something that can make this part of your sakes improvement plan a lot easier to execute.

Use a good ecommerce platform

A good ecommerce platform is also essential when trying to increase online sales. That means it’s worth your time to do a little investigation on which one would suit your company the best.

Use a good ecommerce platform to make your customer experience as satisfying as possible.

There is a huge variety on the market now, but some of the best include Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. Just remember to check things like the fees they charge, the credit and payment cards they accept, and also the amount of time that they take to process payments. Something that can make a lot of difference if you have outgoing bills to pay and it has been a slow week.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The thing about selling online and the reason why a lot of folks thought it wasn’t going to work was that customers don’t actually get to see the product they are buying in real life before they make their purchase.

Surprising though this hasn’t prevented sales in the way that many thought that it would, as this is in large part due to the fact that companies always provide excellent photographs of the product from multiple angles.

This is hugely important when selling online because it gives the customer a good sense of the product without actually being able to touch it, something that is vital for them to achieve the confidence and desire to buy said product.

That means it’s always worth investing in great quality photos of whatever you’re selling online, whether they are low or high priced items. In fact, without such images, it’s very unlikely that anyone will buy at all because it is really seen now as a standard way to ensure that the product is real and that the customer will genuinely receive what they are expecting.

Deliver quickly and reliably

Don’t forget either that your responsibility to your customer doesn’t end with them pressing the purchase now button. In fact, that is where your responsibility actually begins!


In particular, you need to pay attention to the delivery arrangements that you make for your products, as these are a vital element in the customer decision-making process. That means you need to offer quick delivery that is as easy as possible for the customer to receive to ensure that they buy your products.

Good examples of this include Amazon Prime next or same-day delivery services that cost little but provide expedited shipping. One day delivery service can also be used in this way, or providing smaller items in packages that will easily fit through letterboxes can have a similar effect, as this allows folks to receive their items quickly, even when they are not at home. Something that can help convince them to go ahead with their purchase.

For larger items using a delivery service that keeps the customer regularly informed about where their parcel is, and also allows them to rearrange delivery or direct it to a trusted neighbor is useful. This is because you won’t lose out online sales because of the customer’s concern that they will not be able to receive the product without seriously disrupting their normal day to day life.


Last, of all, make sure that you use online reviews to your best advantage when selling over the internet. After all, you can spend as long as you like singing your own praises from the rooftops, but when others do it for you, it’s likely to come across as much more genuine and be trusted a lot more by potential customer deciding whether to trust their money.

In fact, even negative reviews can be used for good, if they are dealt with in a calm and proper manner. Something that makes the reviews your customers leave you an essential part of any successful online sales manifesto.