PPC 101 for Newbies

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New to PPC?

Wondering what PPC even means?

Well, if you’ve been trying to work out what PPC stands for for the last few minutes (it means ‘pay per click’ by the way), then you have certainly come to the right place! In this blog post, you’ll get the complete low down on PPC for beginners so that you can start to use it for your business’s advantage.

But wait – before we get to all the beginner tips, it’s important you have a clear understanding of what this is. So, what is pay per click advertising, anyway? Well, simply put, it’s adverts that you buy which web users can click on to be taken to your website. You pay for each click on the advert – hence the name! You know those adverts you normally see at the top of Google search results? All of them are PPC. And these useful tips can help you make the most out of them.


Don’t Ignore Mobile Ads

When most people think about investing in PPC, they only consider desktop ads. However, it’s really important that you also get some that will show up on mobile devices as well. More and more people are now browsing the internet using mobile phones and tablets, so there is a whole market out there waiting for you to tap into!

Get Some Professional Help

It can be really tricky trying to get a grasp on PPC when you are new to it. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of experts and specialists out there who can help you get your marketing campaign off the ground. It’s worth talking to an online marketing company as they will be able to create a campaign for you that you can eventually take over. While they are working on the PPC ads, they will also be able to give you a hand with your website’s SEO and some other digital marketing bits and pieces.

Consider Which PPC Platform Is Right For You

There are the most obvious PPC platforms that you will certainly have heard about. These include Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. However, these days there are also many more smaller platforms popping up all over the place which are worth considering as well. Especially seeing as they are often a lot cheaper! Looking through each pricing plan can help you decide which platform is the best value for your money.

Always Research Keywords

When you are planning your next PPC campaign, you should always work it round some keywords, as this can help your ads be featured on more searches and platforms. Using a tool such as Google Adwords can help you do this. Once your PPC ads are rich in keywords, you will find that you start to get a lot more clicks on them, and that means more conversions!

Hopefully, this blog post can help you get your head round using PPC for your business. You will definitely benefit from it once you do begin to utilize and implement it!