Six Disastrous Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down

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Your businesses website is more than just an online catalog of items. In fact, you could say that it is the central core of your success, what with all the functions it performs. That is why your website has to be tip top in every way possible. Unfortunately not everyone’s site is like this, and this is something that can result in a loss of sales and customers. That is why it is so vital that you are able to identify any problems with your site and address them before they can cause any disastrous issues. To help you do this, read on for some advice.

Not clear enough

Clarity is a major watchword in websites. Remember before they can do anything else they need to clearly and concisely communicate your message to your customers. To ensure this happens you must have a cohesive color and design scheme, including logos and images as well as text.  The structure of your site needs to be simple and clear and easy to use as well. A simple structure used in conjunction with engaging and up to date material will give you the best result and don’t forget to add backlinks to pages where people can buy your products from other places too.

Also, the font that you pick needs to be professional as well as legible, so as not to put people off reading more about your product and service. Lastly, never forget that layout is the single most important thing that can put off potential customer before they have even engaged with any of your content. Just think of all those janky sites out there that don’t load properly, and when they do, they look like they haven’t been updated for at least 10 years because of their layout. Is that really the impression you want your customers to have when they enter your web address? Probably not, especially if you want to make some decent profits.

Not Secure

Next, security is a major issue on your website that can let your business down in several ways. The first is that if you don’t defend your site from security threats, it can easily go down because bots overloading your server or malware. This is something that can then prevent your customers from gaining access and making purchases, an issue that is going to result in fewer sales and ultimately fewer profits for your business. After all, if they can’t get on your site for some reason it very easy to navigate to your competitors with just a few clicks with disastrous consequences for you.

Other problems with security can include being overwhelmed with spam and even having your site deleted or locked, preventing you conducting business as usual. Something that can result in many hours of work and stress to resolve, and cause major inconvenience to any potential customers.

Lastly, a real problem with website’s security is that it makes your company look unsafe or unreputable. This is a major issue as folks will just not buy from your site if they think their details are going to be compromised in any way. Something that can seriously let down your business and cause you to fail where you might have otherwise succeeded.

To combat these security issues, you need to use one of the WordPress management services that can help you protect your site. Alternatively, if you are not using WordPress to host, or you have had a site specifically designed for your company, you will need to install security measures such as firewalls, cloud backups, and malware scanning to ensure that you don’t fall victim to any of the damaging security risks that are out there. Risks that are certain to cause disaster for your business and profits.

Not funneling sales

Another issue with your site that can be hugely problematic is if you haven’t neglected to set it up with the idea of funneling sales in mind. Funneling is a particular way of constructing your site that matches it with your sales and marketing strategy. This allows you to address and engage potential customers at various points on a scale of interest. Something that means you can slowly work toward the end result of getting a sale or recommendation.

Having a site that reflects this sale funneling process is so vital because it ensures that you get the maximum efficiency out of each page and section. It also helps you to build your brand in the mind of the customer, so when they are ready to make a purchase, they will think of your company before all others.

The different stage of funneling, need different strategies to be applied to them to ensure that they work. However, the first stage, which is creating interest and a positive association can be established on your site by offering potential customers something of value for free. This usually takes the form of some specialized knowledge related to your product that can help them with a task they are trying to complete. Thus, showing the relevance of the items you have to sell, without being too over the top in a promotional way. A great example of this being the Vanish website accessible here.

Not engaging enough

While many of the general public still read novels and nonfiction works, the media that we consume has definitely become different over the last 10 years or so. You only need to look at the 140 characters of Twitter, or the short illustrated articles on sites like BuzzFeed to see that. This is important in avoiding a disaster with your website because, it demonstrates that the general public, as a whole has shorter attention spans. This means you have a smaller window of opportunity in which to grab their attention before they have written off your product as irrelevant. Of course, that means you need to find some quick and exciting ways interesting your potential customers through your site. Otherwise, you risk not converting those visits to sales and losing out on revenue.

This can be done by matching content to your audience on your site. That means you need a clear view of what markets you are interested in selling to and how to appeal to them. If they are hugely diverse such as parents and children, then it can help to create specific areas on your website to cater to each particular audience. Perhaps adding in a kids or parents zone so content and activities can be pitched appropriately.

Using videos on your site can help engagement.

In addition, it can be hugely helpful to use methods other than simple descriptive written content to gain people’s attention. This may mean that you need to move from just describing your products to showing them and their advantages through videos, games, and forums. In this way, your company can emphasize how they can be truly useful in people’s lives. Something that should be beneficial is closing more sales and creating higher profits for your business.

Incorporating games on your website can help encourage engagement too. Picture link


Not credible enough

A major disaster that a lot of otherwise sound companies can come across when it comes to their websites is that they just don’t come across as credible enough. This is a major issue when you are trying to convince people to spend money with you because they are always going to go with the brand that they think is the most trustworthy and the leader in the field.

That means you need to work on how to up the credibility factor of your website, and convince people that you have never spoken to in person that they want to part with their hard earned cash for your product.  

One way of doing this is to use the power of independent reviews. Of course, it’s easy for anyone to have positive testimonials on their site, in fact, you can write one as if you were a satisfied customer and have it played in about five minutes. However, without any way of knowing whether this is a genuine testimonial or not, it probably won’t do too much to convince someone that is on the fence.

Alternatively, if you use reviews and testimonials from independent, objective sites like TrustPilot and Trip Advisor you demonstrate a much higher level of credibility. Something that can be the deciding factor for a customer that hasn’t yet made a purchase and so affect the sales and profits of your business.

Your CMS is confusing

Last of all, as previously discussed the appearance of your website to your customers is vital in ensuring you close as many sales as possible. However, it’s not just the front-facing parts of your site that are crucial in avoiding disaster. In fact, the back facing parts such as the CMS or content management system is an area that often lets businesses down, because it makes things confusing and complicated for employees to keep up to date. This, in turn, causes unnecessary stress and uses superfluous people hours. Both things that can cost your business and eat into your profits, meaning that you are not as successful as you actually deserve to be.

That is why it’s vital that when having your site designed or choosing a site host to work with you consider the quality and usability of the CMS as well as all the front facing aspects mentioned above. Otherwise, you could be setting your business up for a real disaster that could seriously affect your profits and success.