6 Reasons Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Working

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Marketing is the crutch of most companies. Without it, you cannot get your service out into the world and shout about how amazing you are. Marketing takes a large chunk of a company budget, and even if you rely on social media marketing – which is largely free – you still need to dedicate a budget to your marketing team and their endeavors.

The trouble is, many marketing teams are adopting the wrong strategies for their marketing plans, and this ends up with them falling short of their revenue targets and missing the mark entirely. The fallout of that can cost you money as a company, which is most definitely what you do not want. Whether you are following a traditional marketing strategy or a digital marketing strategy, you should be cluing yourself up by reading a Digital Marketing Blog by Kurnol – Gain Your Competitive Advantage. This can have an impact on the way that you decide to do things, meaning that your marketing plan can be moulded and shaped to work rather than fail. We’ve got six ways your marketing plan is failing, and how you can fix it.

1. No Strategy

Any company worth its salt has a comprehensive, well thought out marketing strategy to be successful with. Unfortunately, many companies are using sheer luck and don’t have a plan at all to get their marketing to the right audience at the right time. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

2. Relying On Tactics

Marketing tactics, of course, have the ability to produce results. If they didn’t, people wouldn’t use them. The problem arises when your company relies on tactics and no strategy at all. There is no use hiring someone to do your social media for you, if you have no idea what you want done to your social media!

3. Copying Competition

Your competition are going to be bringing their products and services to the market in a similar way to you, but having the same strategy as the competition won’t do you any favours. Make your USP something totally different to theirs, even if you have the same ideas.

4. Not Meeting Needs

A part of your marketing plan should be to meet the needs of the customers and exceed their expectations. While you develop your marketing strategies, you should be focused on the needs of the customer and gearing your marketing that way.

5. Zero Integration

Each department of your company should be working together to create a strong brand and message to put out into the world. If your marketing strategy is not aligned with your corporate strategy, you are going to miss the mark completely. Each department working together is vital for success, so review your strategies.

6. Aggressive Plan

People want to know about products and services, but they don’t want them rammed down their throat. Check your current marketing strategy and work out whether it’s one you can truly believe in, or whether it’s one that you feel needs some adjustment. You want to talk to customers, not yell at them.

Marketing is a sensitive part of a company, as you want to be able to get out your message without whacking your customers and clients around the ears with it. Learn where the failures are happening and make it right early for the best chance of success.