Pumpic Monitoring App: Parental Control for iPhone and Android

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The Internet is a scary place, especially for children. That’s why today’s market is full of parental monitoring solutions that promise to make parents’ lives a little bit easier.

We’ve looked at Pumpic, a parent control app which seems to have an advanced set of functions any parent could appreciate. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Pumpic iCloud Solution is designed for monitoring iOS devices and offers the following features:

  • Monitor call history, including information about the contact and call duration
  • View SMS (even deleted ones), IMs (WhatsApp, Kik)
  • Check GPS location & history
  • View photos and downloaded files
  • Browsing history
  • Calendar and Contacts

To monitor iPhones and iPads, make sure you have the iCloud credentials of the monitored device. Sometimes you might need an access to the device to adjust settings. Also, make sure there is enough free space to store iCloud backups.

Android Basic solution gives you access to the same features as the parental control iPhone app.

In case you are looking for more in-depth monitoring, there is a Premium version that offers additional features:

  • Geo-fencing
  • Blocking certain websites
  • List of installed apps
  • Facebook monitoring
  • Snapchat monitoring (texts only)
  • Instagram monitoring

To monitor Android devices you will need to download the app on the target device and make all necessary settings. Keep in mind that to get access to more features, the Android device should be rooted.

Check all Pumpic features here.

How to use the app?

After you purchase your subscription plan at Pumpic Store, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions on how to proceed. Choose your OS and follow the guide to the very end. All the data will be displayed in your Control Panel shortly (be aware, that it may take up to 24 hours for some information to be loaded). On Android, this process seems to be faster.

Log into Pumpic.com and access the Сontrol Panel. It is intuitive, informative and well-designed. All necessary information is within one click away. Developers also offer to access the data from your smartphone using a mobile version of the Control Panel (available on AppStore and GooglePlay for free).  However, the app does not show all the information that web version shows.

If you want to view the particular category, for example, text messages (SMS), go to ‘’SMS’’; there you will see the date it was sent/received, type of message (SMS/MMS), contact name, the content of the message, and it’s status (if it is still on device or has been deleted). To make it more clear, you may visit their Demo page.

If you face any difficulties during the installation process, Pumpic Support is ready to give you a hand. They are available via Live Chat, E-mail or Phone.

Pumpic cost starts from $7.33/month for Android Basic 6 months subscription and $14.55/month for iCloud 6 month subscription. As it usually happens the longer period you purchase, the less you pay.

To sum up, Pumpic is a sound solution for parents who want to keep track of events in their kids’ online life. This app offers a well-rounded set of functions for iOS and Android devices that gives a clear understanding of what’s happening

Another point. Do not entrust online security on the parental monitoring apps only. Pumpic indeed is a great app, however, it can serve as a helper, not your substitute. Educate your children, build a trust-based relationship, explain them the rules of safe browsing and texting and make sure they come to you in case something on the Internet makes them feel uncomfortable.