A Few Things You Need to Know about Graphic Design

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What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design typically refers to a process of visual communication that applies principles of photography, illustration, or typography. The primary purpose of applied graphic design is to communicate visually to people (often referred to as “users”) using a communication piece, like a website, brochure, textbook, or other medium.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic designers create visual imagery, typically for commercial or professional needs. They do their work either by hand or by using different computer software. Many different  graphic companies around the world (for example, Dubai-based Kamil Web Solutions graphic designing company ) have graphic designers who are experts in creating inspirational ideas.

In companies like Kamil Web Solutions graphic design company, graphic designers do the following:

  • Create logos;
  • Design posters;
  • Design banners;
  • Design print ads;
  • Design newsletters;
  • Design web ads.

This is not all. Graphic designers, using their aesthetic sense of using the correct fonts, colors, image, photography, animation, print design, logos, and billboards, tend to not only convey their message across but can also collaborate with different multimedia animators and artists through their skills.

Graphic Design Careers

When considering graphic design as a career path, one should have adequate knowledge of the design, as well as technical capability.

One of the most popular careers for graphic designers is working with advertising agencies. Advertising agencies could include both print and digital media–such as designing billboards or advertisements for the web. The job of a graphic designer in such an agency will be to work on client accounts, managing and creating various advertising materials that meet the clients’ expectations. The thing that will be required most by a graphic designer in this field would be creativity and skill. Moreover, the person will be required to work under pressure much of the time.

Apart from working in advertising agencies, graphic designers can also work in different web design firms, where they will be designing various websites for clients. The websites can either be simply informational or can be promotional and related to e-commerce.

Many times graphic designers can work independently as contractors. They can offer their services to various consulting companies, design firms, advertising agencies, or look for potential clients on their own which deal with small-scale design projects. They may even choose to start up their firm from scratch. In building such a firm, they will need adequate skill in web design as well as in technical acumen.

With the correct use of technology and its advances, some graphic designers can also build a career path in different technologies for example in web animations. This will make use of different software that is capable of creating the ideal animation.

Some graphic designers might also be associated with creating templates to be used by content management systems (CMS) or other standard websites. This can be done either by dealing directly with clients or by selling the templates through their store.

Difference between a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator

Often graphic designers will be confused with illustrators. This is because both fields involve design.

Graphic designers are responsible for creating a visual impact using design elements and structures, to sell a product or a service. On the contrary, illustrators are responsible for doing commercial work, for instance, drawing, designing the packaging of a product, creating logos for companies, drawing book illustrations, etc.

As for the degrees and credentials, a graphic designer will require degrees that focus on website design, product design, and publication design. As for an illustrator, although some knowledge of graphic design will be required, it is mainly a sound knowledge of art history, drawing, and painting that is required.

To conclude, it all comes down to personal capability. If you are into drawing and illustrations, becoming an illustrator will suit you better. However, if it is the web coding, and designing that you like, becoming a graphic designer is your thing.