The Pros and Cons of Building an Amateur Company Website

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If you’re just starting out in the business world, you probably understand how much you’ll have to pay to a developer to get a professional website. The issue is that many entrepreneurs can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars when they’re launching a new company. So, some people decide to use a free site building tool or create something themselves using WordPress. There are benefits and drawbacks to that strategy, and this article will highlight some of the most important ones. With a bit of luck, you will know whether or not it’s worth opting for an amateur site after reading this post.

The Pros of Building an Amateur Site

Firstly, there is no getting away from the fact that people who choose to build a website in-house will save themselves a lot of money according to specialists from That is by far the most critical benefit mentioned on this page. You could use that cash to increase your marketing spend or pay for another employee to join your team. Secondly, free site builders enable you to create something that looks pretty decent without dedicating weeks to the task. Some of the other key benefits include:

  • Making fast and free updates
  • Keeping full control over everything
  • Promoting your brand (with logos, etc.)
  • No need for lengthy phone calls to design teams

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The Cons of Building an Amateur Site

Unfortunately, there are just as many (if not more) cons as pros when it comes to building a website without the assistance of professionals. Your site will never reach the same level of quality a purpose-built alternative according to writers from Consumers can recognize an amateur attempt a mile away, and that could mean they feel less confident when it comes to entering their bank account details and making purchases. Also, it could make your company appear like a less than professional organization. Alongside those cons, you’ll also:

  • Struggle to create custom website tools and processes
  • Face many different design limitations
  • Have little or no control over site security

So, What’s the Solution?

Well, both concepts have their place in the market, and it all comes down to the nature and condition of your operation. If you only have $5,000 in the bank, spending it all on a website seems ridiculous. So, you should probably use an amateur alternative until you’ve made more profit. However, using a free site builder when you have hundreds of thousands in the bank is just as silly. While it might pain you to spend the money, at least you’ll end up with a domain that’s fit for purpose and meets all your criteria. So, the basic rule of thumb is that you just need to use some common sense!

Use the tips and advice from this article to ensure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to choosing the best website option for your operation. Unless your business is right at the start of its life, it’s probably sensible to contact the experts. Just remember that different professionals will charge varying rates. So, you can always shop around and compare quotes if you want to save money and get the best deal possible. Good luck!