Thriving in online communication – Top ways to nurture your online efforts through communication

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Communication is a key aspect of succeeding in business, and that holds true no matter if you’re talking about traditional business or online business. The two are not the same however, striking many differences across the board, making entrepreneurs research two separate business models for optimal results. With that being said, some things don’t change, such as needing great communication to succeed. That is still the case even when talking about online business, but not everyone has an easy time enforcing communication rules within their own organization. Here are some online communication tips that we consider to be very useful, and which you should definitely check out if you’re uncertain about how you should approach communication in the online medium.

Adopt Offline Mannerisms and Social Precautions

When you talk to a person in real life, there are certain precautions you take, in order to protect both yourself and the person you are talking to. You can call them filters, as they act in the interest of keeping the conversation appropriate for its context. Age, sex, social rank, business affiliation, these are all things that alter the way you engage someone in discussion. These filters are needed in order to not come across as rude, for example. When we go online however, we tend to forget about these filters because the online medium is nowhere near as formal in general. Successful online business demands great online communication and that means that you need to enforce the same filters and precautions when your business engages people online.

Have a Clear Message

As robust and resourceful as the online medium might be, when it comes to using text as a channel for your message, it’s still a very stripped, bare-boned way of getting your point across. Take the example of Buddy Loans, a guarantor loan company based in UK with a very clear and direct message that puts them way ahead of their competition “If you’ve got a buddy, you’ve got a loan”. Fancy language or unnecessary complicated terms will only daze readers and make them less likely to care about what you’re offering. Keep your language simple, clean and to the point. This is an essential aspect of online communication because it gives everyone a chance to understand what you’re selling. As simple as it might sound, many companies are distracted by short-term attempts to impress the public.

Build Trust and Choose Your Online Traits Carefully

When online, your business is represented by its actions, as in what platforms it uses and how it interacts with other people. Depending on what kind of business you have, using a certain social media platform or another for instance might skew people’s opinion of your brand, based on the type of people that normally frequent that platform. That was just an example, as everything you do online helps build your online persona, which ultimately will tell people if you’re the brand that likes joking around and being close to its community, or the serious, professional, efficiency oriented business that only deals with pros. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just a matter of which kind of image you want to use.

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