5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Be Using in 2017

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Social media is dominating the business and marketing world, as it has for the last decade. There are now lots of social sites out there, making it hard for companies to keep up. As such, here is my list of the top five sites you simply have to use in 2017.


This list isn’t a ranking of the top social media sites, but if it were, Twitter would be number one. It’s really growing as a platform, particularly in a business sense. Companies have a lot to gain from using Twitter, and it also has a huge array of active users every month. Granted, it’s not the number one social media site, but it’s still up there. The thing about Twitter is that it’s much easier to get your content seen by people that don’t follow you, compared to any other site. All it takes is one retweet, and someone that isn’t a follower has seen your tweet, and they can retweet it for more people to see.

Why use it?

The beauty of Twitter is simplicity. You compose a tweet of under 280 characters and send it for loads of people to see. It’s a really easy way of engaging with your target market too. You can build a following purely made up of potential leads. Plus, Twitter makes it easy to see how a tweet is doing. You can click on it, and bring up the impressions for the tweet. You’ll see how many people saw the tweet, interacted with it, liked it, retweeted it, and so much more. You can also pay to promote tweets, expanding your audience reach. I will also add that Twitter is the site where you’re most likely to go viral on, which can bring more exposure to your business.


Instagram and influencer marketing go hand in hand.

Instagram is very much the king of image sharing social media platforms. The whole point of it is to post pictures and short videos. With the Instagram Story feature, you can easily document things from inside your office, which can be handy when generating hype for a new product. Loads of people use Instagram, meaning you will find plenty of people to engage with.

Why use it?

I’ve already mentioned a few reasons Instagram can be handy for your business, but there are others too. For one, it’s home to a lot of influencers. There are so many people with large Instagram followers who will promote your business in exchange for money or free items. This is a tried and tested method of boosting sales and gaining new customers. Of course, you will find influencers across social media, but Instagram is where this tactic is most effective. Not only that, but the Story feature makes it easy to integrate website links with Instagram content. People can watch your story and swipe up to view links, allowing you to direct more traffic to your site.


Broadcast your business on Youtube.

A lot of people neglect Youtube, and it’s probably because there’s some debate as to whether or not it’s social media. Some say it’s a video sharing platform, but I say it’s social media. People create accounts on the platform, they engage with one another, and they create content. It follows all the basic principles of social media, so it counts as a social platform in my eyes.

Why use it?

Youtube is the best platform for creating and sharing videos. It’s the ideal place to create promo videos that you can use to showcase products/services that may be in the pipeline. But, you can also use it to create informational videos showing stats and facts about your company/industry. Essentially, there are no limits to how you can use video content for your business. What’s more, it’s a great platform for your PPC marketing campaign too. As well as making your own content, you could also use Youtube for advertising purposes. Try and purchase ads on videos, and you will expand your market reach. Billions of people watch Youtube videos every day, so you should really try and be active on there.


Facebook is the most-used social media site.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, then you were probably worrying Facebook wouldn’t appear on this list! Why are you worrying? Because most of you will probably have Facebook accounts for your business. Everyone is aware that this platform is the most used social media platform out there. It’s the top dog, the kingpin. There’s a lot to love about Facebook, but I still think Twitter edges it when it comes to promoting your business. Having said that, you should absolutely still use this platform religiously.

Why use it?

As mentioned, Facebook is used by more people than any other social networking site. Consequently, the potential reach you have with this platform is massive. There are billions of people on it, giving you a huge opportunity to reach out to consumers and gain some customers. But, Facebook is also fantastic for marketing a local business. People can review and rate your company, which helps you gain a good reputation and bring in new customers. It also allows you to show where you’re based on a map, making it easier for people to find you.


Network with other businesses on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Logo by Esther Vargas via Flickr.

Last but not least, we have LinkedIn, the black sheep of the bunch. It’s very different to all the other social media, in the sense that it’s aimed at professionals. It’s not the type of site you’ll find people sharing casual photos or posting funny statuses. It’s social media for businesses and business professionals, which can come in handy for you.

Why use it?

LinkedIn is by far and away the best way to network as a business. It’s so easy to get in touch with industry professionals or other companies and start a working relationship. Not only this, but you can also hire people via LinkedIn for freelance jobs. It’s a stellar way of growing your business in the professional sphere.

You’ll notice two key omissions from this list; Snapchat and Google+. If this were a top seven sites list, they’d probably make the cut. I just think that, right now, the other five are the most effective sites you can use for your business.

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