Staying Alive and Motivated at Work

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The workplace is the one place that people tend to lose focus and motivation, and the one place that people don’t want to lose either of those things! Sometimes, the drudge of a long commute, the long meetings and the deadlines you have to hit can make your brain feel like it’s moving through sludge. Even the most motivated people out there can experience a brain fart moment, where they can’t seem to move through a lull in their concentration and press on without distraction.

Motivated people are more energetic, happier and far more willing to take on more work than others. Employers prefer their staff to stay lively when it comes to the office, as the attitude of motivation is infectious and can leach into others around them. When you want to get out of a slump while you’re at work, you need to be focused, so we’ve put some tips together for you so that you can stay alive and motivated while you’re working.

Rewrite Your Goals

You should be able to focus on what you want the most when you’re at work, and hitting deadlines and achieving the best from yourself is the way to go. Clarify your vision with yourself by printing affirmations to stick around your desk. Remind yourself of what you want to achieve and strive to achieve it.

Get Healthy

Your workplace shouldn’t be making you feel ill, but if you’re unmotivated and exhausted you really can feel the effects when you are at your desk. Fill up that fruit bowl on your desk and install The Berkey filters in the water cooler at the office – the purer the water, the more hydrated your brain can stay at your desk. Get your HR team to check how ergonomic your workstation is and make sure you have got the best for your health at the office.

Find Success

The successes that you find in the workplace aren’t easy to come by, especially in a high-tech role. You need to find your vision to be reasonable, and well-defined so that your successes can be easily achievable. If you manage to find success at work, you can know that it is down to your own doing. Make sure you take advantage of every workplace opportunity that is available to you, so that you can ensure you are hitting those goals and feeling good about it.

Reward Yourself

Even if your workplace doesn’t dish out the rewards, you should aim to reward yourself. When you set your own objectives, you need to give yourself small rewards as you go to keep yourself motivated on your way. These rewards can be in the form of a cup of coffee from the local deli if necessary, as long as the reward is going to keep you on track.

Your motivation has to come from within, and while staying motivated isn’t always easy, it’s easy to be able to pick yourself up if you need to. Take your job by the horns and make it work for you!

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