Are You “Content” with Your Blog?

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For many of us who are hell-bent on making a living out of blogging, it’s a lot of hard work! It means pouring your soul out into content that you hope will attract enough interests and shares. And, while this is only a half-truth, in fact, the other half is all about promoting your blog effectively, there are no bones to be made about it, blogging is hard work. So, how can you make blogging an easier process for you, but also a lucrative one?

Finding the Right Shortcuts

Remember, it’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart! And while each blog requires infinite nuggets of wisdom, or at least, a modicum of truth, there are ways for you to make the process less long-winded. And, the one big thing to address, especially in terms of the practice of writing a blog, is that your process of writing means physically sitting down at a computer and writing with your fingers, not necessarily your mind. In other words, making the process go from mind to screen via your fingers means you have done a lot of self-editing in the process. So, one of the greatest shortcuts any writer can have is using voice typing. Not only does this mean that you can get the content written as quickly as you think, it means that the actual writing takes place later on in the editing. As a writer, this is vital!

Knowing Your Place In The Market

While it would be great to say that your blog can instantly connect with people, this is not the case. Instead, you need to undertake valuable research, this means looking at your competitors’ blogs, work on promoting your blog through the right channels, once you have established the target audience. But also, that one evasive goal, get at the top of the search engine results, needs to be done. This means for some people, a lot of research into what current trends there are, but also the best approaches to search engine optimization. You can implement the services of specific SEO agencies that do this for a living, such as PosiRank, but if the process is a difficult one, maybe you aren’t finding the right audience for your blog. So, this means you should set goals for your blog, and this is all to do with the tone of voice.

Making Useful Content

Content is king, as some wise old elf once said. And, yes, it always needs reiterating. Much like when supermarkets are trying to sell a product, the goal is to fulfill a basic human need. Now, with the amount of googling people do to solve their woes, this is where are useful, and insightful content comes into its own. It is as simple as this when it comes to making your content travel. But in order to get to that point, it’s about you. You need to learn how to write, you need to understand the best promotional tactics for your blog, and then natural, useful content becomes second nature. But don’t be fooled, it’s a long journey. So, start now.

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