3 Tips When Applying for Kanban for your business

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Every business owner strives to make money and one way that they can do that is to ensure that they have a productive team of employees that are completing tasks in a timely manner. No matter what size of business you own, it can be a challenge to keep tabs on what your employees are doing and how much time is actually spent on task. Kanban is a solution to this problem as it can help you identify projects that need to be completed as well as identify potential collaborative methods for your employees to work together to get it done in a more productive and efficient manner.

Utilizing such a tracking system can help you gain important knowledge about your business’ operation as well as allow for you to hold your employees accountable. This article will provide some tips to help you apply for Kanban for your business. For additional information about the cards, dashboard, and the analytics behind Kanban, be sure to check out https://kanbanize.com/. Without further ado, here are some tips to applying for Kanban and running your business more efficiently than ever before.


  • Determine your goals. It is important to determine your goals and how Kanban would be of the most use to you. If you have a desire to learn more about your employee’s time on task or the amount of projects your staff members have at any given time, this is information that you will need to be able to share when signing up for Kanban. Your goals will be a great jumping off point to choose which plan will work best for your company.



  • Budget. There are several plans to choose from, each with their own set of analytics and helpful information. Depending on the size of your staff, you will be able to identify the type of plan that will work best for your company. If you have a meager budget, you can create a plan that allows for fewer employees to utilize the program until you get a bigger budget to help you increase your plan. If you have less than 15 employees, you can get away with paying less than $175 for an outstanding plan that will give you information about workflow and employee performance.



  • Select the features you want to use. Kanban is a robust program with a lot of capabilities and features however, depending on the size of your business, you may not need the entire package. Before you setup your account with Kandanize, be sure to identify which features you will utilize the most. This will help you identify the best plan for your needs.


For a nominal fee, you can increase the productivity of your company with the use of Kanban cards. Kanban cards track your employees progress and time on task. In addition, it will allow you the opportunity to identify opportunities of collaboration which can save you more time and money.