4 Reasons Your Blog Has Low Traffic

This article was written by one of our amazing contributors! Content may include promotional links. Featured image by Joe the Goat Farmer via Flickr.

If you have a blog, you want people to visit it. That’s the whole point of having a public blog; you want to share with your readers and engage with a community. If your blog is monetized and operating as a small business, then you don’t just want traffic– you need traffic.

If you find yourself in a situation where your traffic is far from what you feel it should be, you need to dig to find the reasons why. Below are the five most common reasons your traffic may be flatlining; why not read through and see if any of these apply to you?

1. You’re Not Producing Unique Content

Blog readers want, and expect, unique content. If you’re just producing the same content everyone else is — gift guides, for example, are ubiquitous on the blogosphere at this time of year — then readers have no reason to come to your blog specifically.

You have to provide unique, innovative content that stands alone in its own right. This may mean investing more time in your content creation, but this is work that a blog needs. Individuality is the best thing you can do for your blog content, so work to define your own voice rather than doing what everyone else is doing.

2. Your SEO Isn’t What It Should Be


SEO is crucial to ensuring you receive the organic traffic that your blog needs, but it’s also a complicated world that you may be unfamiliar with. If your SEO is not on point, then your blog traffic is always going to be subpar.

You could self-teach yourself how to improve the situation, but you are far better off contacting an SEO agency for specialist help in general organic traffic. SEO is a confusing world, and realistically, if you want your blog to grow and potentially become your full-time income, you’re going to need specialists to help you achieve this.

3. You’re Not Promoting Efficiently

No matter how good your blog is, if your promotion is poor, you’re going to be short on visitors. Blog promotion requires a proper time investment and potentially a financial one, too; you may find that outsourcing promotion is the best way to increase traffic. This is expensive, but should pay for itself thanks to the increased revenue the higher traffic will generate.

4. Your Blog Design Is Outdated

Your blog should be slick, smooth, easy to use on a mobile phone, and free of any gimmicks. If you are still using a free template, then it’s highly unlikely you will be able to monetize your blog effectively. Invest in a premium theme; this helps encourage visitors to come back to your blog, and will look better to visitors who stumble onto your site via search engine rankings. First impressions count, so make sure yours are good.

To Conclude…

If you recognize one of the entries on this list, then don’t worry; you just need to focus yourself on rectifying the problem. If you can tick all of the above off, then in time, your traffic will begin to grow to the levels you have always hoped for.