5 Ways to Promote Your Business as Equal and Ethical

This article was written by one of our amazing contributors! Content may include promotional links. 

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to not only practice equality and good ethical values in the workplace (which, of course, has always been important) but to also promote them. There is no point in shying away from being a company with excellent morals, ethics and outlooks. Let’s shout about it loud and proud and make it one of your key marketing strategies. You want to be running a business which showcases these top notch traits. So make your business stand out from the crowd and use new and exciting innovations to make your mark on the market. Follow these simple five steps and it will be a smooth sail to success.

1. Make Your Staff Feel Sensational

Your staff are what makes your company run like clockwork every single day, so take pride in the hard work they are doing. Use your employees as examples when you’re advertising and have them explain personally why it is such a brilliant place to work. Of course, you have to make sure it is in fact enjoyable for your staff to be working there; otherwise they’d be telling a fib! If you’re having any trouble with keeping track of your excelling staff and their overtime this free tool can calculate if your workers are entitled to any extra pay. It also ensures they have taken adequate breaks and rest times. If your employees are feeling well looked after and respected they are likely to be an excellent example for your ethical marketing techniques.

2. Have an Epic Impact Online

Online presence has become one of the most important aspects of advertising your business. Your website will play a key part in how successful your business becomes, so use it to your advantage and make an impact on your online audience. Pick a striking and bold colour which can represent your equal and ethical stances. Green would be an obvious and effective colour choice for a website. Make sure your social media platforms follow suit and correlate with the message your website is sending out. It is likely that prospective clients will get confused if your company is portrayed in one way on the website and another way on Instagram or twitter. Keep it consistent and it will sell itself.

3. Lure in the Locals

People love to support their local businesses, rather than the larger monopolising companies out there. If you engage with locals in the area you’re likely to build up a loyal following. Maybe you could negotiate with a local farmer to supply your milk for the office. Word will spread and it’s likely you might get other offers flying your way. It’s a great way to network with locals in your business area and work together to create a harmonious and ethical team.  

4. Going Green is Great

Eco-friendly businesses make big bucks. You have to consider your carbon footprint when you’re outing your new business to the world. You will be instantly criticised for not thinking about the environment and you’ll automatically be ruling out a dominating target audience. Make sure your recycling and energy saving techniques are on top form when advertising your business. Present a plethora of green strategies within your marketing and you will come across a whole lot more appealing. For example, you can state that your company only using energy-saving light bulbs or that your paper comes from a 100% recycled source. The possibilities are endless when it comes to going green so be smart and use it to your advantage.

5. Initiate Incentives

An excellent way to build a reputation for being an equal and ethical company is to shout about your diversity and incentives within the company. Always ensure you open up your interviews to candidates from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Ensure that your staff and new recruits are aware of any opportunities for promotions and internal growth within your business. Offer rewards from many different angles in order to keep motivation high amongst your team. Make sure you engage with your staff frequently by listening to their voices. This will allow you to promote your equality in the best possible way. Everybody wants their voice to be heard in their working environment so allow this to happen and you’ll have a bunch of super happy staff.

By following these five fanciful steps you will have the ability to advertise your company as both fair and friendly. You will hopefully see an increased interest in your business straight away, as being equal and ethical is the new number one trait to have. So make these changes now and the hard work will pay off as success flies your way in a flash.