Unique Investment Ideas

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You may think that investment is all about boring spreadsheets, numbers and the stock market. Many people who are starting out in the investment world may not realise that there is more to it than simply investing in property or business stocks.

However, there are actually an of different ways you can invest in different things. You could be supporting the wine industry, investing in conservation, put your money into briquettes machines or even invest in coffee.

The definition of investment is to put your money into something in the hopes of gaining a good return, so with this definition you can see that anything could be a lucrative investment opportunity under the right circumstances.

Chateau Pavie Wine

If you are a lover of a good Rioja or chianti, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can put your mi yeah into the wine industry. By investing in a vineyard, you can support the people who make your favourite beverage and gain a return when they make a good profit.

One of the best wines to invest in right now is the Chateau Pavie. It is produced in France and has seen some incredibly high returns for those who decide to invest in it. The most lucrative wine from this range in the 2004.  

A Grand Prix Race Car

One of the more surprising things you can place you money into is classic cars. Investing in a machine such as an old Ferrari or Mercedes Benz could earn you a lucrative return of 40% if you play your cards right. The options for sale are of course selling to a private bidder or putting the car up for auction.


If you are into your art, then the good news is you can make the most of this by buying pieces of art by your favourite artists and then auctioning them off for a prophet. While you may struggle finding an original Van Gogh to sell off to the highest bidder, you can also sell paintings and works from artists such as Jackson Pollock.

Rare Coins

Not necessarily one of the most surprising ways to invest, but investing in coins is one of the more interesting ways to put your money into rare currency. If you are lucky enough to come across a rare coin for a low price, you could be looking at a return of 30% when you sell it on to a private collector or at an auction. If you do look into this area of investment it is definitely worth doing that extra research to find out more about the history of currency.  

Lean Hogs

One of the more quirky ways to invest your money is to do so in agriculture. One of the most lucrative ways to invest in agriculture is to invest in meat. If you think about how much beef, pork and chicken we consume each year; you’ll see that investing in meat makes complete sense on a financial level.

The most popular meat to invest in currently is lean hogs. You could be looking at a staggering 50% return on your investment by putting your money into these animals.

Truffle Pigs

If the thought of investing in pigs to be slaughtered isn’t really something you want to do, you can still make money off these animals by investing in the truffle hunting pigs. Truffles are the most valuable mushroom in the world, and many farmers will use pigs specially trained to sniff these small gems out. By investing in these pigs you will also be investing in truffles themselves and could see a positive return.

Soybean Meal

Another way to invest in farming which doesn’t involve animals is to invest in soybean meal. With the rice of vegan culture, these alternatives to regular flour are also on the rise. You could also look at investing in the production of tofu.

Self-storage Units

One of the more familiar ways to invest your money is into self storage units. Just like property, you can put your money into buying some units and then rent them out to people in the local area for a profit. It is a simple type of investment which should give you a pretty steady profit over the months.

The Community

If you love the place you live, you can turn this love into an investment for your local area. For example, if you put your money into a housing development or a shopping centre, you could see a huge return with the profits made from rental space and profits from visitors. The plus side with this is you will also be able to see a more lively community in your area.