6 Skills for Students Wanting to Gain a Degree in Paralegal Studies

There are many skills needed for an individual to gain a degree as a paralegal and having a great knowledge in these skills will enhance and further your career once qualified. Here are some of the most important for those considering gaining a degree in paralegal studies.


Most paralegals will have to draft various documents such as pleadings and briefs, some of which will be more complex than others. Being able to write well can get you ahead and can make your job much easier once qualified. Whether you are writing letters, notes or emails, you must understand the different writing methods to use and adapt when necessary. Having legible handwriting can also be very useful.


Perhaps one of the most important things that a paralegal needs to be is professional. Remaining professional can help you get ahead of the game and can mean the difference between you getting the job you want or not. Studying an online masters in paralegal studies can teach you how to remain professional and the ethical skills needed to excel in your career. George Washington University can teach you the skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path through their online paralegal program.


Paralegals may have many tasks and multiple clients who need courses plotted for their individual needs. As a paralegal, you should be able to understand which tasks are the highest priority and why, to get ahead of the game. This is also something that will be taught whilst studying your paralegal degree, as you will get assignments and coursework to complete within deadlines.


As with most jobs that involve people, a paralegal needs to have good communication skills with anyone they may encounter. A large part of a paralegal’s duties involve communicating with others and talking, either through telephone, email, letters or face to face. You are a liaison and the lawyer you are working with needs to be able to communicate effectively with you.

Understanding New Technology

As technology is ever changing, a paralegal needs to be able to follow new technology and know how to use it. As a paralegal, you may have to use spreadsheet databases, presentation software and know how to use e-filing. This can gain you trust within a firm and may mean you are designated in choosing the technology for your company, bringing a competitive edge to the firm that will not go unnoticed.

Working As Part Of A Team

As a paralegal, you may work alone or you can work under a lawyer which can mean working with many different professionals and associates. Being able to work with people with higher and lower skill sets than yourself is an indispensable skill to have and can be great when looking for a career within another team.

This may seem like a lot to master but a degree in paralegal studies will get you ready for what to face in your chosen career path and give you the knowledge and understanding to do so with confidence.