How to Implement Today’s Technology in Your Classroom as an Educator

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When you think back to the education system 10, 15, even 20 years ago, times were very different in terms of how educators went about teaching their lessons. Every classroom was equipped with chalkboards for writing down lessons, books, and desks for writing at. Today it’s all about technology and the digital age, which is having a huge impact on how the classroom is set up and how lessons are taught.

If you are currently enrolled in an online master of education in learning program and you’re noticing a strong focus on technology, there is good reason for it. In order to be successful in their chosen field, today’s online MELDC degree holders not only need have a grasp of how people learn, think, and grow, but they need to understand how this applies in today’s modern and digital age. Here are some ways you can be implementing today’s technology in your classroom.

Find Smart Ways to Use YouTube

Teachers will attest to the fact that catching kids on their smartphones and checking out the latest videos on YouTube can be frustrating, but rather than fight it why not work with it. Instead of banning phones in your classroom, why not encourage kids to bring their mobile devices and use them as part of the lesson. No, you aren’t giving them free reign to start surfing the net, rather you can provide them with a play list or videos that help to hammer home a lesson you are trying to teach.

What this does is provide students with a different way to learn and engage in the lesson, which can end up being very effective. It also shows them that they can find educational merit in all different places.

Make a Webpage for the Classroom

This tip is one that is popular with students and parents alike. Within the first week or two of school go ahead and set up a webpage and give students the address. This webpage can then be used for posting assignments, notes, upcoming tests, and announcements. You can even add photos and have kids take turns writing a class blog. There are plenty of free services that make creating a webpage simple and fast.

Give Students Webquest Assignments

This particular technique work well with grades three and up, where they are becoming a bit more comfortable with technology. A webquest assignment is one where students are tasked with researching a particular topic online. This can include facts, pictures, quotes, etc. Have them cite their sources too, as this is also a good habit to get into.

Encourage Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations are a great technique for kids to learn in school as many careers will require this skill. It allows kids to be creative and really explore what technology has to offer.

Keeping Up with Today’s Technology

As an educator it is your job to prepare students as best you can, and today that includes familiarizing them with the many ways technology can be used in their daily life.

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