5 Tips to Replacing Your Social Security Card after It Has Been Lost

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Being an adult requires that you take care of your most critical documents and that you keep them in a safe place. Passports, social security cards, government identification, birth certificates, and marriage licenses are all documents that are critical to keep in a safe place, preferably locked and stowed away. Because one doesn’t typically use these documents often, they can easily become lost or stolen without you knowing it right away. This article will provide some tips that will help you replace your card after it has been lost.

  • Determine which documents you lost and when you saw them last. Because you likely do not use documents such as a social security card often in your day to day life, you may have a hard time finding your card when you need it. It is smart to keep your social security card, passport, and other documents in a locked safe in a location of your home that is not easily accessible. If you happen to misplace your card, there are ways to go about replacing your card.
  • Identify what information you need to provide in order to receive a new card. Before you go to the social security office, identify what documents you need in order to prove you are who you say you are. It is best to bring all of the documents that you have that can serve as a piece of identification. By bringing more than you will foreseeably end, you will at least be prepared for whatever comes your way. Once you have identified what document you need replaced, you can then look into the methods.

  • Apply online. Some states allow you to apply for a social security card online. Others require you to appear in person. When applying for a social security card online, make sure that you are doing so over a secure connection. Look for “https” in the search bar. This means that the web address that you are visiting has a secure connection. Sharing your information online with an “https” connection should mean that your information will be safe while on that website.

  • Avoid using a public computer. When applying for a replacement card online, make sure that you do so in the private of your own home. Avoid using a public computer to enter your personal information. The reason for this is that you do not know what is being stored on the computer. Even if you delete all of your information and the browser history, your information may still be obtainable by people who know what they are doing.

  • Apply in person. The easiest and most secure way to apply for a new social security card is to go to your local social security administration office. You will need to provide your birth certificate and identification. Sometimes a passport will work as well. Before you go to the social security office, make sure that you have all of the pertinent documents that will be necessary to apply for a replacement social security card. Another tip to applying in person is to make an appointment. While you may still have to wait a bit upon arrival, you will at least have an appointment scheduled and you won’t have to wait as long.


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